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The Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset launched earlier this year, long before the Pro Superlight 2 and Pro TKL Gaming Keyboards that came out on the 5th of this month. But Logitech did make one change with the Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset, in addition to the white and black models they already had out they brought out a new pink model as well to match with the three color options that they had with the TKL and Superlight 2. I mentioned it on the other two devices, but I do love that they are mixing in more color options and while pink isn’t my favorite color I am a big fan of the color. On the Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset it looks even better with the mix of materials like the plastic, anodized aluminum, the faux leather, and the soft fabric earcups as well. Even more so than on the TKL and Superlight 2, Logitech went out of their way to color-match almost everything. The only thing that isn’t pink is the microphone boom. Unlike the other peripherals they even color-matched the lightspeed wireless adapter.

Like with the original Logitech G Pro Headset that I took a look at years ago, the Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset has hit the nail on the head in a lot of the main categories. The audio quality was great, the only issue I had was that I wouldn’t have minded having a little more volume. Most wireless headphones run into that same issue but with the Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset turning on the surround sound fixed the issue. I also like that any adjustments that you make with the EQ are all saved into the wireless DAC which means it will still work even if you are on a PC with G Hub installed. The thick memory foam headband and earcups make it comfortable and Logitech does give you two sets of earcup pads to help get things perfect. I myself prefer a nice soft velour and they do provide a set that they call velour, I would call it more of a microfiber finish but they are comfortable. Then the overall construction with the thick aluminum strap inside of the headband, the main hinge being all aluminum as well, and details like how they run the wires down into the earcups all cover areas that a lot of headphones fail at and give the Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset a high-quality look and feel.

The battery life was impressive and if you are like me and always forget to charge your wireless devices it does just take a standard USB Type-C connection which most people will have somewhere near their desk. On top of the lightspeed wireless option, Logitech has also included Bluetooth that you can swap between and the ability to connect the Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset as a wired device both through the USB cable and with a 3.5 mm headphone jack which they include the cable for. The only real issue I ran into other than the volume level that I already mentioned was the microphone performance. The Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset’s microphone sounded tinny in our tests even when compared with the older wired Pro X Headset. It is more than enough to get the job done, but it doesn’t really live up to the performance I saw in the other aspects of the headset.

The Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset has an MSRP of $249 which is expensive in my book. When we start comparing it to the competition, both Razer and SteelSeries do have models up in that range or higher as well. The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is $349 and Razer’s Barracuda Pro is $249 so it isn’t completely out of line. But I can’t help but start to do the math for someone to get the full Pro X peripheral lineup and you are looking at $607 before taxes or anything else. On top of that if I were planning on using these at home I would be considering a higher-end microphone as well. We might be living in the best time to be a gamer when it comes to the number of great games coming out, the extreme performance that PCs are capable of now, and even on the peripheral side of things the quality, performance, and options you have are amazing. But it sure is expensive to get that perfect setup. Does that mean I wouldn’t recommend the Pro X 2 LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset? No that isn’t the case, this is a great headset for the most part. But it’s a good thing that Logitech looks to of built them to hold up and you get that 2-year warranty, because I know I wouldn’t want to buy another headset for a while.


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