Overall and Final Verdict

One thing is for sure with both the Soundcore Space A40s and the Space Q45s is that the choice to use the Space branding is spot on. I was extremely impressed with the adaptive noise canceling on both devices and that is coming from someone who in the past has had issues with ANC causing discomfort, especially with extended use. What I found with both headphones is that being able to cut out almost all of the background noise that it created the feeling of space, even in situations where you physically don’t have much. The other half of that was for me it also meant that I didn’t need to run my music as loud to cover up background noise which should be a lot better for my hearing long term. Both the A40s and the Q45s also supported connection to two devices at the same time which initially I didn’t think would be that useful but it helps a lot if you are working on something at your PC that requires you to listen and you can still receive calls or play music from your phone in between things.

Another big push with the Space lineup was battery life and both headphones have more than needed now. You can go through a full work day without even docking the A40s which is a lot longer than I would ever want to keep earbuds in personally and the Q45s can go a full work week without charging. Both also have quick charge capabilities which can get you 4 more hours of use in 10 minutes of charging for the A40s and in 5 minutes with the Q45s. You also have Type-C support which means a charging cable will be near you often and the A40s can also use Qi charging.

As far as audio performance goes I loved the A40s which stood out between the two and didn’t have any issues. The Q45s weren’t bad, but did lack some punch and were a little muffled in the mid-range. It takes a lot less battery power to push the smaller earbud drivers, I’ve run into similar issues with other wireless headphones. Beyond that, the Q45s were surprisingly comfortable on the earcups which I was initially worried that they would be too small for me but they could use a little more padding in the headband which was more noticeable with longer use. The A40s were a lot more comfortable than expected and the only issue I ran into with them was that their controls were a little laggy and didn’t give feedback when using them.

As far as pricing goes the Space A40s have an MSRP of $99.99 and the Space Q45s are 149.99. For the Q45s we can compare them with the Soundcore Life Q30s which when they launched were $129, given inflation the Q45s are in line with that same pricing. The Space A40’s come in a lot cheaper than Soundcore’s flagship Liberty 3 Pros and at a price that while I wouldn’t call it cheap because there are a lot of “ANC” earbuds on Amazon for low low prices I do think you get a good value at $99.99 for what you are getting.

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