Soundcore Space A40 Photos and Features

The box for the Space A40s has the same white background as the Soundcore Bluetooth speakers I previously took a look at as well as the Soundcore by Anker branding up in the top left corner. The Soundcore logo is changed up a little with what I would call a haircut, cutting the d shorter as well as the little accent above that sitting lower now. The front of the box focuses on the adaptive noise canceling with “less noise, longer listening” in a big font on the front as well as what looks like a noise graph going into the picture of the A40 with a lot of noise and coming out lower. The model name is in the top right corner with true wireless noise-canceling earbuds below that, adaptive ANC is mentioned down at the bottom, and they also note the 98% noise reduction on the front as well. The back of the box is similar with AND mentioned twice again as well as the battery life and the hi-res sound along with a picture of the A40s inside of their charging/carrying case.

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When you pull the top of the box off the case for the A40s is right up on top with tissue paper wrapped around it to prevent any scratches sitting in a formed tray. Under that tray, you have a bundle with the documentation and then another tray which has the charging cable and each of the swappable silicone rubber earbud tips in their own spot.

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Up until now every Anker product I’ve had also comes with a small card asking how they did so I was surprised to see that the A40s didn’t come with this. They do come with the legal / warranty info paper and a quick start guide though.

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For accessories, the A40’s come with a USB charging cable that has the standard Type-A connection on one end and Type-C on the other end. This isn’t too long of a cable but given that these are earbuds they don’t need a long cord. You also get four additional pairs of silicone rubber earbud tips in different sizes including the earbud tips you get 5 sizes in total.

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The A40s, like any wireless earbuds, come with a carrying case. The case helps keep you from losing them in between uses but most importantly it is also how they are charged back up. The case for the A40s has its own batteries for charging on the go. The A40s have a total playtime listed at 10 hours from a single charge but with the case included you can get up to 50 hours which means the case can store up to 4 four recharges and they have it listed that with 10 minutes of charge time you can get four hours of playtime which is great for example if you are using them at work and take them out at lunch or on a break. The case for the A40s is oval and has very rounded corners and is color matched to your A40s which right now are only available in black but have navy blue and white options coming soon. It has the Soundcore D logo on top with a chromed finish and the bottom does have all of the normally required info printed on it

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At the back of the charger/case, you have a Type-C connection for charging and a small button for repairing the A40s. The front of the case has a small recessed glossy area which is where you can get a grip to flip the top open. This is also where the three status LEDs are which show the battery level and when charging let you know when things are charged.

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The Soundcore A40s as well as the case come in at 58 grams in total weight.

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When you open the case up the lid is spring-loaded and is held closed by magnets. The underside of the top has a rubber finish which helps push the A40s down into their perfectly shaped openings to keep the contact pads in contact. The rest of the inside has a gloss finish and Soundcore did label the left and right sides even though it should be obvious your left earbud is on the left and your right is on the right. If you look closely at the back edge they tucked your serial number away back into the hinge on the top of the case. Under the A40s each side has two spring-loaded contact pins to connect with the earbuds. Remember to remove the stickers on the back side of each earbud that they ship with to keep the contact pads from touching.

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The Soundcore A40s themselves are surprisingly compact and they have a glossy finish that immediately picked up my fingerprints as you can see. Each earbud has a kidney shape on the back with labels for which side earbud you have and the two contact pads for charging. The silicone earbud tips are removable behind those you have their 10mm, double-layer diaphragm drivers. The design is IPX4 rated which means it will handle water splashes but they aren’t waterproof.

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The outside of the A40s has a silver section that faces out which has the Soundcore logo in the center and Soundcore edged into the side as well. You can see openings for the microphones on each ear which pull double duty for the adaptive noise canceling as well as for phone use with a total of 6 microphones for beamforming to help try to reduce background noise on the microphone just like ANC does on what you hear. Soundcore is advertising these as 25% smaller than their past models which I haven’t taken a look at in person but that does look to be the case from the pictures. Overall my initial impression was that they look a lot like Raycons but now having seen them in person they are smaller than the Jaybird Vista and Vista 2’s which I use day to day and are smaller than the Creative Outlier Gold Wireless In Ears.

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For total weight, each Space A40 earbud came in at 5 grams on our scale for reference an Airpod is 3 grams but an Airpod Pro which is more in line with the adaptive noise canceling is 5.4 grams so the Space A40 is in line with that.

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