The box for the headset isn’t too large, about as big as you could expect a medium sized pair of headphones would be. The box has a blue background and a large picture of the headphones right across the front. The Philips branding is the biggest font on the front, under that, they designate these an over-ear and 8000 series. Where I get a little confused is that they don’t really have the product name featured at all. My information from Philips says this is the Philips TAPH805BK Noise Cancelling Headphones but I would have expected to see that same model name on the box as well. This makes things even more confusing when you shop for them and there are two PH805 models, but the TAPH805BK is what I am looking at today. The difference is the other PH805 model, which looks exactly the same, doesn’t have active noise canceling. So if you are shopping for these, look for the active noise canceling down in the bottom left corner. Philips also highlights the Hi-Res Audio with a small icon along the bottom, Bluetooth, and the touch controls to kind of hint at some of the TAK805BK’s features.

image 1

Around on the back, there is another picture of the headset, this time smaller but this one shows the included carrying case as well. Down along the bottom they also go into more detail into the TAK805BK’s features including the 40mm drivers, the noise sensors used for the active noise cancelation, the Google Assistant voice controls, and the overall comfort. Each also has a short description with it as well repeated a second time in Spanish as well.

image 2

The box flips open once you cut the seals and inside you will find the golf ball like carrying case and then a folded up cardboard section to keep things fitting snug in the box. That also has the documentation as well. You get a quick start guide, a health and safety manual, and a small information paper to cover all of the bases.

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