It’s a Logitech product, so you would expect to see their standard grey packaging but their Pro lineup goes with an all-black look. The front of the Pro X’s box has a photo of the headset floating on the black background. The Pro X name is kind of hidden because it is printed in black on the black box but they do have their Logitech and Pro branding in the normal Logitech blue. Up in the top corner you can also find the Blue logo, you might recognize it from the popular desktop microphones. The back of the box says play to win in the middle and then very lightly you can see they have listed the headsets key features all in that black font again. Now the side of the box does show you what you get inside with labels and names for the drawings. Along with that you also get specifications. The other side just highlights that the Pro branding works with pro gamers and they have a few team logos of teams they work with like G2, TSM, Origen, Royal Never Give Up, and Chiefs Esports Club.

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Inside Logitech has everything tucked away with a place for everything. The headset itself comes wrapped up in a soft plastic bag. But all of the accessories each have a cubby as well. It’s a little weird opening up the box and not seeing the headset featured right in the front, but the G Pro X is going to get to you safe, that’s for sure.

image 5

I will dive into the accessories in the next section, but you do get a few things for documentation. You get a warranty and safety paper, a setup guide, and a small card. The white round logo is a Logitech gaming sticker as well if you want to show off their brand.

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