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It’s hard to put the E1’s size into perspective in the picture below, it is just over 2 1/2 inches tall and 1 1/8 of an inches wide. This isn’t much bigger than the volume controller on a lot of gaming headsets. The E1 isn’t the smallest USB sound card I have seen but when combined with the headphone amp I don’t think I have seen anything smaller.

image 6

On the bottom you have a micro USB connection as well as the line in. These are your two connection options depending on what kind of device you will be using the E1 with. The USB also doubles as how you charge the internal lithium Ion battery as well.

image 7

Creative has placed all of the controls together on the left side of the E1. You get a button to play/pause that doubles as how you answer your phone when you have it hooked up to the E1. Next you have a sliding volume control and the third is the power switch. When you power up the E1 there is a small LED just to the right of the power switch that lights up top let you know it is powered up.

image 8

Up top there are two headphone jacks with the left jack pulling double duty. You can connect headphones or a microphone on the left or if you have a headset that uses a four pole connection (like phones) you can run your headphone and microphone through the same connection. Having two connections means two people can hook up their headsets and listen to the same music. If you look closely you can also see that the E1 has a mono microphone on the front of the device should you not have a microphone with you.

image 9

The right side of the E1 doesn’t have

image 10

On the back the E1 has a clip for you to clip it to your pocket or shirt when walking around.

image 11

image 12

Here is a peak of the E1 with the USB cable hooked up to it. This puts its size in perspective a little more, the full sized USB connector looks huge next to it.

image 13


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