With the E1 being such a small device it wasn’t a surprise at all when I saw the size of the box. On the cover Creative put a large photo of the E1 as well as a large E1 logo to catch your attention. Down along the bottom there are a few logos that give us a glimpse at what it is all about like the 600 Ohm amp, 106dB and the image that shows it working on phones, tablets, and laptops. Around on the back of the box there is another photo of the E1 as well as a few photos of it in use. There is a note up top that says that the Sound Blaster E1 increases the level of audio detail & resolution for a previously unreachable listening experience on both PC and Smartphones. This gives us a little information, but I feel like there could be a little more of an explanation to help someone shopping in a store know what they are looking at.

image 1

image 2

When you open the box up the E1 is displayed right on top for you to see. When you pull the E1 out you will find a hole that helps you pull the felt display tray out to get to the accessories and documentation underneath. For documentation, you get a small manual as well as a book on Creative customer support, services, and warranties. For accessories, you get two bright red cables. One is a headphone-to-headphone cable for hooking the E1 up to devices like a phone or tablet and using the E1 as a headphone amp. The USB cable is for when you want to use the E1 as a small sound card + headphone amp.

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