What to do at events for your sponsors

A lot of people might think that once it's time for your event that sponsor duties are all over. You have all of the prizes in hand right? Well if you want to keep sponsors on long term there are a few things you want to do at the event. The biggest and most obvious thing is photos but it is surprising how many people don’t even think about this. Some companies will even ask specifically for photos of people winning the products they donated for their record. I like to get a photo of every tournament and prize winner and send them over along with a few other things. Get photos of posters or any swap or information that the sponsors sent to hand out. Beyond that, I also like to send over a few overall shots, photos of people playing games or other activities, and anything weird and exciting. I even try to get pictures of some of the rigs and sort through the photos and send over in use shots when people are running sponsor equipment.

image 8

One of the biggest tips I can give when taking your photos, specifically the pictures of people winning raffles and tournaments is to be careful where you take the pictures. No sponsor is going to want to post up pictures of a winner with a big poster with a competitor's logo on it in the background. Dedicated photo areas are ideal, make sure there isn’t anything in the background.

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During your event, posting up a few photos on social media and even tagging specific sponsors it also a great way to show them a little extra love. If someone wins a prize and they are installing it in their PC right away, a picture and post tagging them in the upgrade for example.

If your internet can handle it, live streaming is another way to promote your event and the sponsors over the weekend. We put our event sponsors up on the stream and we also stream the raffles as well live for anyone to check out. This can give sponsors a way to check in and see how the event is going.


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