gamingnews2Who’s ready for some games? Welcome to Gaming News. With the onslaught of games that have come out of the last couple of weeks, you are going to be busy. Skyrim came out last week, Saints Row The Third came out yesterday, Rochard looks to steal some time from your busy schedule, the Midweek Madness sale is here again and a suitcase full of news at the end. Get ready, Gaming News is a GO!

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So with the release of Skyrim you are probably not going to be seeing Cory from our LAN Staff anytime soon. Early reports are in and on AMD cards it’s not good. Looks like they didn’t have drivers on the day of release and you could actually get faster framerates with a single card over Crossfire. Hopefully AMD will step up their drivers for day of release games. I am not going to go into depth of why I am not playing but for short overview I just can’t get into these games. I would prefer to be playing with friends, rather than playing by myself. But you can’t deny the fact that these game are the ones that people love. In any regards, if you are a fan, download the game and we will see you in six months, lol. It can be purchased on Steam for $59.99.

Saints Row The Third

Tired of waiting around for GTA 5? Well then your in luck. Saint Row The Third came out yesterday. Looking at the gameplay this Saints Row is no doubt bat shit crazy. You start off with missiles, what other game does that? None. I was thinking about picking this up but with these open world games I tend to screw off and never get anything accomplished. The one thing that did catch me eye was the blades that you can put on your cars wheels. Driving around for hours popping peoples tires looks like fun but that can only take you so far. I just find it hard to stick to the main missions. I'm like a kid in a candy store. I just want to do everything and I end up getting tired of it. Saints Row The Third is out now on Steam for $49.99.


For our casual/indie game of the week Rochard came out yesterday. This game looks to be great fun. Take TF2 styling, Shattered Horizon weightlessness and Mario side scrolling and you have Rochard. Basically it’s a nice 3d side-scroller/platformer that lets you manipulate gravity to beat your opponents. It is on sale right now for 15% off since it is a new release. I would encourage you to watch the trailers and take a look at the screenshots that have been posted on Steam.

Midweek Madness

Oh Oblivion, how I want to play you but I know that I will never finish you. That is what keeps me from buying it. No worries though, it’s this week’s Midweek Madness sale! Pick up the Game Of The Year edition for $4.99 for a savings of 75%. I know many people that have played this and were not seen for several months after starting. I suppose the same thing is going to happen with Skyrim. If you never played it or just want to add it to your collection of Steam titles, now is your chance. Remember, all Midweek Madness sale’s end on Thursdays at 7pm EST.

Left Field

Left Field

How about some news from around the interwebs?

With the Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet out you should see some others joining in on the mix

Assassins Creed Revelations for PC is coming out on November 29th. As always, I would wait and see what happens with this game. Ubisoft has been known to screw over PC gamers. Wait and see is the best call for all PC Ubisoft games.

I would like to announce that Chad and I are going to be starting a podcast called LanOC After Dark. You can check out this thread to learn how to submit news/etc. You will here more in the coming weeks.

Nexus LAN is this weekend and all of you LanOC staff will be there along with some of the community members. Should be a great time. Look for pics/vids this weekend. LanOC is invading Nexus!

Looks like November 22nd is going to be a busy day. Serious Sam 3 and Batman both come out that day. Look for those two games in an upcoming Gaming News. They are two of my personal favorites.

Jurassic Park: The Game came out last night. If you want to relive the movies along with some new twists download it now on Steam.

PSA, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT buy Need for Speed: The Run for PC under any circumstances. Along with no AA controls the FPS is capped at 30. Not sure why this is but don’t give in, lol.

PSA, New AMD drivers are out, they can be found here.

TwoDavez is building a Hackintosh for his brother in law. Have any suggestions? Post them up on the forums.
That is it for this weeks Gaming News. I can't wait to get some quality gaming time in this weekend with the staff and the community at the LAN. It should be a great time and it will be nice to get outta Indy for a few days. Have a safe week everyone and we will see you next Wednesday.
Wingless is out!
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Wingless92 replied the topic: #20927 16 Nov 2011 10:02
We are live!
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Leonresevil2 replied the topic: #20949 17 Nov 2011 18:45
In 6 months.. I'll be watching the flood of DLC for Skyrim and waiting on the GotY pack to save my money. I just built up too many concerns from the news I was reading before the game came out.
I'm surprised they even bothered bringing The Run to PC. Of course EA thinks gamers want Origin, so of course they know we want bad console ports too. If you hold your breath, you can feel them probing your brains. STOP STEALING MY MIND EA!

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