gamingnews2Everyone ready for Thanksgiving? Going to be a good holiday here. Time with family, three football games in one day and great food. Before that we have Gaming News! Batman Arkham City is out, Serious Sam 3 BFE is also out, a new game SkyDrift is out looking for some of your holiday gaming time, and a truck load full of news at the end.
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Batman: Arkham City

When Batman Arkham Asylum came out last year it was a surprise hit. It literally changed games based on movies to shoot for the top. The game was a great third person brawler. It is no different with Batman Arkham City. This time Batman is forced into Arkham City to deal with the Joker once again.

Gonna start off with the bad here first. The game runs like like total crap with DX11 enabled. Using the built-in benchmarking tool the Main Rig that I use for triple monitor gaming came to a crawl. If you are going to be playing/buying this soon and want to play in DX11, I would wait on a patch. I can’t believe that they took an extra five weeks with this game and it turned out this bad on DX11. DX9 runs fine and I didn’t notice anything weird. Looking over at NeoGaf users have posted screenshots of the differences between DX11 and DX9 and I can’t tell a difference between the two. I also noticed that it wasn’t using the GPU’s that much in DX11, maybe, 30%? Something is definitely a miss here. Hope they get it patched soon.

Games For Windows Live makes it’s appearance known right off the bat. I know that I am not the only one that hates using this service. Why Rocksteady choose to use GFWL again is beyond me. What really pisses me off about the service is the game patching techniques that they use. Why do I have to start the game, download patch, shut down game, install patch then start the game back up? Why in thee hell can’t it do it in the background like Steam does it? So much easier this way for the user.

What is up with V-Sync not working in games as of late? When I switch V-Sync off in the menu’s it doesn’t mean keep it on, I want the damn thing off. It doesn’t mean dig around in the game folder and change settings, it means that I want the game to run at max FPS. To change this head over to your Steam folder, steamapps, common, batman2, Bmgame, Config,  DefaultEngine and search for Frame. Change bSmoothFrameRate to False and change MinSmoothedFrameRate to 0, then change MaxSmoothedFrameRate to 999. This will force V-Sync off and let your system strut it’s stuff. Just make sure to save your settings before you exit out of the Config file.

As for gameplay it’s about the exact same as Arkham Asylum. The fighting feels tight and percise. It it terribly easy to walk into a room with 15 baddies and have no problem taking them all down. I am not that far into it yet but it feels great. What is really weird is when you get an achievement, you will notice that the GFWL box and the Steam box come up at the same time. Can you say double achievements everyone?

If you are going to buy this just be warned that DX11 has problems and is not ready. But looking at different screenshots that users have posted around the interwebs I can't tell a difference between the two.

Serious Sam 3 BFE

As many of you know, the Serious Sam games are one of my favorite titles. Well good news everyone. The wait is over for Serious Sam 3. I played it very briefly this afternoon and all I can say is that it looks much better than the last two. I put a couple of hours into Batman and Serious was put on the back burner until I finish it. I will be writing more about it next week so make sure to come back and check out more in-depth coverage of Serious Sam 3. You can pick up the game right now for $39.99 or if you were one of the smart ones that pre-ordered the game you could have picked it up for just over $31.


How many plane racing games are there on Steam? Yea, I’m not sure either. I am also cautiously optimistic when a new plane game comes out on Steam. I have been burned in the past and have just written it off as another $10 game that I’ll never play. SkyDrift does look like a good game though. I need to read into it more but you can pick it up on Steam for $9.99 as of yesterday. We need more of these games out there. They just need to be ones that are not junk. We will see how SkyDrift fares here soon.

Left Field

Left Field

Remember that old MMO on Android called Pocket Legends? Well, Spacetime Studios has a new one out called Star Legends The Blackstar Chronicles. You can download it now on here for free!

Need a new desk? How about a new bachelor pad item. You might want to take a look at this desk!

Don’t piss off gamers, that is the first and foremost of a buisiness strategy. EA said that they would include Battlefield 1943 game in the PS3 version of Battlefield 3. They didn’t so this guy is suing them.

One of my favorite games of the year Hard Reset just received another update. I can’t count how many this is but it’s nice to see a developer working on a game even after it’s released. And this was a cheap game, not some $60 blockbuster. You can find the update info here.

Need a new racing game? Race Injection has just been released on Steam for $29.99. You can check out all of it’s spec’s here.

Want to stream you new game that you just bought for $60 at Gamestop? If they have their way it could happen. According to Joystiq, Gamestop is going to be getting into the streaming buisiness here soon. What really sucks is they are talking about charging more for this option. Didn’t Onlive do this a few years back? How did that turn out for them? Yea, they ditched their subscription model and went to just paying for the games. Hell, they even give the Onlive consoles away for free sometimes.   

Remember that great little indie game called Trine? Yea, Trine 2 has it’s pre-order up on Steam. You can check it out here.

Looks like Battlefield 3 has been patch on the PC. Head on over to Shacknews for all of the details.

Skyrim was also patched to fix a RAM glitch that was plaguing players, Shacknews has the low down.

And people said that COD was dead. How about 1 million Elite Memberships sold.

Remember back when DC Universe went free to play? Well, Sony Online Entertainment just said that their revenue stream is up 700 percent.

Need some cheap games? Like to shop at Amazon? Get your Black Friday deals on now.

For people that are looking for Starcraft 2 it is on sale this weekend over at the Blizzard Store.

Well that is it for this week everyone. I tried to keep it short because of the holiday. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Until next week,

Wingless is out!
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