Wednesday is upon us once again and that means Gaming News. Rage has been updated, it’s THQ week on Steam, I have been playing some games on my GalaxyTab 8.9, Duke Nukem Forever is this week’s Midweek Madness game, Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is available now and L.A. Noire is coming to PC. We also have a big stack of news at the end. Grab your favorite energy drink, Gaming News is now!

rage 2011-10-04_00-24-04-41

An update has been released for RAGE that updates the game giving you more video options. VSync has been allowed to be turned off, on and smart. Texture Cache has also been added as a setting. This allows more texture’s to be stored in the VRAM, more is better, right? They have also added Anisotropic Filter settings to the game. While this lets you mess around more in game I noticed some weird effects when I “cranked” everything up. Also, when turning VSync off it didn’t do anything. I had to go into the Nvidia Control Panel and adjust it there. Not that it is a big deal but that is the first game that I had to mess around with the CP for something to work in game. Either way, games that let you mess around with the config files is what us PC gamers want. Why these were not in the game in first place is beyond me.

THQ Week:

Need some games? Want them cheap? This is your week. Please keep checking Steam for the deals. THQ has a great library of games and I know people are always looking to bolster their games list.

So after using the Galaxy Tab 8.9 for a week I have been playing a couple of games that I wanted to share with you. 
The first game Robotek is part slot machine, part RPG and part tower defense. You spin the reels ala Vegas style slot machines, build up your army and then attack your opponent. It is not very hard to play but it is hard to master. The controls work very well for a touch screen device. There is no aiming while playing and the only part that actually needs to be clicked on are the reels. It’s a simple but yet rewarding game. Free

Star Blitz is yet another game worth checking out. It’s a twin stick shooter that has great graphics and solid gameplay. The controls could be a tad better but overall it’s a great little game to waste time with while laying in bed or at your local Starbucks. Free

Minecraft is now out for more Android devices. I have downloaded the demo and the controls are awful. If you pair up a controller with your device it would be passable but then why not play on your PC. It looks about the same as on a PC but I just can’t get over how bad the controls are. For $7 it might be worth a shot but do yourself a favor and download the demo first.

Pinball HD for tablets is another great game to wast time on. Pinball FX has always been a great favorite of mine but not having a console anymore I was in need of a good pinball game. Pinball HD takes the cake. The ball physics are what make a great pinball game and Pinball HD has awesome physics. The graphics in the game are also great. The only part that is lacking is the three tables in the game. Hopefully down the road they will add more but for now it is curing my pinball addiction. $2.99

Anyone else remember playing R.C. Pro AM? I hated that game when I first played it. Over time though it grew on me and ended up loving it. I could literally lap the field when I was in my prime. Now with all the new tech Bang Bang Racing is the new R.C. Pro AM for tablets. The game looks great along with great sound. The controls can be switched between four setups so there is bound to be one that you like. It has more depth than R.C. did  but then again this is a very small game. Just don’t rage quit. Stick it out till the end, you never know what can happen on the last lap. $5.98

DSLR controller is one of those apps that I would like to personally thank the dev for making, lol. Take your Canon DSLR your tablet and hook them together to use as a viewfinder. This app couldn’t be better. You can adjust all of your camera’s setting in the app and it gives you a bigger screen to see what your shooting. When shooting at night you really want a remote but with those costing about $20 you can use your tablet and this $8 app and get the same results and maybe even better. $8.52

TegraZone is also a nice little app to use to see what games are out and which ones are coming out for your Tegra equipped tablet. Sure, you might want to make sure your tablet has a Tegra chip but its a nice little app to see what is up and coming in the game department. Free

Midweek Madness:

Duke Nukem Forever is on sale right now for $9.99. If you haven’t picked up this game then do so now. It’s great throwback to the old style of games. Also the new DLC is also available. If you pre-ordered the game or bought Borderlands then you get the DLC for free. Make sure to check your email’s inbox for details on how to get your Steam code. This game did get slammed on metacritic but for no good reason. I have had a blast with this game.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record:

Anyone want some more killing spree’s? Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is out now. Download it now for some more Frank West nonsense. It looks like you will replay the outbreak on Fortune City from the first game. Seems like it could be a ton of fun. Nothing better than mowing zombies down with a lawn mower. Check it out on Steam now.

L.A. Noire:

Anyone else want to play this but don’t own a console? Well, your in luck. Rockstar has said that it porting over L.A. Noire. I didn’t see a release date but who cares. I love Rockstar games as the always immerse you in the action. With the tech that they used to do the faces in the game this should be a great one. I know some of their games in the past have been bad on release dates so I would hold off for a couple of days after release, remember GTA IV?

Left Field:


So what did everyone think of the beta for Battlefield 3? I had a fun time with the game but like I have said numerous times until it is on Steam and I don’t have to use Origin I will not be buying it. Also, having it use Origin almost seem stupid considering you really don’t even use it. Everything is done through Battlelog and that is in your defult browser. I would have liked it for them to keep everything the same. No need to do everything through the browser, just another application that needs to run with the game. Remember, less is more.

Anyone else excited for the new Nexus phone? I thought that it was first class of Google and Samsung to postpone the release considering Steve Jobs death.

I hope everyone read Chad’s article on Steve Jobs. I will be the first one to admit that I am not a Apple fan but they do make some sexy hardware, it’s just grossly overpriced. But Steve Jobs did so much for the tech industry and we should all be thankful for that. I was disgusted as some of the comments that I read on the internet. People vary rarely talk like that in public and if they do they end up on the floor or they don’t have the balls to say it. But when people hide behind a screen name on a computer they say all kinds of stupid things. All I can say is thanks Steve for pushing the industry.

Well that was a long Gaming News this week. Have a good rest of the week everyone. Also remember that our LanOC staff is heading out to California for the Geforce LAN this weekend. I would have gone but I already had prior engagements. Keep an eye on the forums for the latest updates, pics and videos from the LAN.

Until next week,

Wingless is out!
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Wingless92's Avatar
Wingless92 replied the topic: #20384 12 Oct 2011 08:02
We are live!!!
Leonresevil2's Avatar
Leonresevil2 replied the topic: #20391 12 Oct 2011 22:39
I'd check out player reviews of L.A. Noire first, honestly it's a simple click-find puzzle game designed for a controller, coupled with an expensive face tech demo. Rockstar really tapped out the hype machine for this one, and those looking for a deep puzzle will be disappointed and annoyed. It's a decent concept, but all the effort went into the faces and micro-DLC instead of game depth.
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #20392 12 Oct 2011 23:13
Have you played it? Alex really enjoyed it.
draymac's Avatar
draymac replied the topic: #20397 13 Oct 2011 04:30
I bought it on launch and ended up watching my girlfriend's brother play most of the game....this is no tech demo...the first Wii Sports was a tech demo. I would say it is unfair to put this game into a specific category. If you are a fan of cinema, who-dun-it, or mysteries, this game will excite you. I really enjoyed the actors performances and thought the game was well done. I felt the immersion of the game world and any game that takes me away gets my two thumbs up!

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Leonresevil2 replied the topic: #20400 13 Oct 2011 16:30
I rented it, and I wasn't pleased. 'Tech demo' was referring to how all the facial tech was for the cinematics, not really outside of that. I felt it was a stripped-down and hampered GTA game with simplified puzzle solving, and the game made it too easy to succeed in those areas. Yes it does mimic Noir style, but it felt like a idle movie, similar to Dragon Age. Some people will enjoy it. I'm just saying don't fall into the hype, and look into how the game really is, instead of expecting GTA freedoms and non-linear gameplay. The closest thing to that came from near-pointless driving and optional item searches, making the big L.A. area just another checkmark used for advertisement on the box.

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