LanOC Reviews 10th Anniversary Celebration and Giveaways

13 Mar 2018 06:03 #38503 by garfi3ld
In those ten years, I’ve met many amazing people and...

Wow, as of March 17th its going to be 10 years of posting reviews and news. LanOC started off as a joke, talking about hosting a LAN party to promote myself running for council in our small town. It quickly turned into a very real event. From there after a few events, one of our sponsors asked if we had ever considered posting up coverage and not long after that I ended up posting up a few (really bad) reviews. Things just grew from there really. Our events had been relatively small at the time started to grow as well as our readership on the review side of things. Eventually, the review website started to take up all of my free time and I ended up leaving my job to do it full time.



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