normal How have we not had a topic for BRINK?

16 May 2011 09:54 #15718 by Leonresevil2
With any luck, they will be releasing a demo, even if it's just a time trial or something. They did admit they pushed it out a bit early, but mostly to please fans that were waiting for so long, and to get some income in. But like most games today, it's not done yet. I have to say, aside from names, it's kinda hard to tell humans from AI, which shows that they aren't stupid. To put a number on the game, I'd rate it 8.5 or so. You shouldn't expect CoD, nor a TF2 clone. It doesn't seem like the community will die, with the AI systems and the dedicated servers, so if you want to wait for updates or demos then that's reasonable. I highly recommend getting it eventually, but it has the disclosed issues yet to be fixed.

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