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Our Latest Reviews

Input Devices

01 June 2023

Cooler Master has had a wide product lineup for years now so it’s rare to come across a PC-related product that they haven’t made, especially something in the PC peripherals market. So I was surprised when they announced the new Cooler Master Storm Controller that they haven’t made a controller in...


30 May 2023

We are just getting used to PCIe Gen 4 SSDs and now PCIe Gen 5 have been trickling out onto the market. For that Crucial has changed up their usual naming which was all focused around their P lineup with the P5 Plus being their highest-end drive. For the new drive, however, they have changed...

Video Cards

24 May 2023

When I think of AMD cards, Sapphire is still the first brand that comes to mind. Much like EVGA did for Nvidia for years. So with today's launch of the Radeon RX 7600, in addition to checking out the reference card which we already have done, I’ve also got the Sapphire RX 7600 Pulse. Their Pulse...

Video Cards

24 May 2023

Yesterday the embargo lifted on the Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti and today it hits store shelves, but AMD is hoping that before you consider that you take a look at their new RX 7600. Today the 7600 embargo lifts and we can dive into what it is all about and check out its performance, then it hits store...

Video Cards

23 May 2023

With every new generation of video cards, the latest and greatest cards are always exciting. But the truth is most people aren’t gaming at the resolutions needed to justify those cards. The latest Steam hardware survey has just 2.75% of users running a 4K display, 1440p is gaining ground at 12.49%...


18 May 2023

Compact M. 2-based external SSDs have been growing in popularity and it’s no wonder why. They max out the performance of USB 3.2 Gen 2 connections with crazy read and write performance, are extremely durable, and their size is a lot better than any hard drive based external option. I’ve had the...

PC Cases

16 May 2023

For those of you who have been around for a while, you will most likely know that I have had a thing for small form factor builds going back before small form factor builds were a thing. We did our Lunchbox build series starting 14 years ago when we were building in a Shuttle. The options for...


11 May 2023

With the Intel launch being stacked up so close with AMDs CPU launch as well as GPU launches from AMD and Nvidia as well late last year I didn’t get the chance to check out too much more as far as any of the other new LGA motherboards. This is especially true with some of the other chipsets and...


09 May 2023

It's been interesting to see Anker slowly move into the off-grid market with their Anker Powerhouse lineup which goes well beyond what a small battery backup is capable of as far as power storage and even includes AC outlets and capable solar charging as well. This is perfect for people who are...

Cooling Hardware

05 May 2023

We've been working with Noctua for 10 years now and while they have been really consistent with the product lineup they still manage to innovate and surprise us with new products. That has been especially true in the past year where they've introduced a fanless heatsink and a variety of different...

Smart Home

03 May 2023

This past January I took a look at eufy security's new eufy Security Video Smart Lock which integrated video doorbell features with a smart lock and I was really happy with the device but sadly it didn’t fit our unique front door so it was put to use on our detached garage. Being able to come and...


02 May 2023

Nvidia’s 4000 Series of cards has seen big performance increases, especially the RTX 4090 flagship card but you do pay a premium for them. Nvidia makes up for that when it comes to ray tracing performance and especially with DLSS which the 4000 Series cards are the only way you can get DLSS 3....

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