MILPITAS, CA, July 9th, 2024 – CORSAIR® (Nasdaq: CRSR) today announced the release of the new RS Series of cooling fans, boasting impressive and affordable cooling with simple daisy-chained connections for a hassle-free setup. Incorporating the latest fan technology advances, RS Series fans are ideal for PC builders seeking precise PWM cooling without the need for additional controllers. Available as both an ARGB version with eye-catching addressable lighting and a non-RGB version, there’s an RS Series fan for any type of build.

RS fans streamline cable management within your build when you daisy-chain one fan to the next, all connected to your motherboard using a single 4-pin PWM connector. RS ARGB fans add dynamic lighting to your build without unnecessary complexity by utilizing one +5V ARGB header. This streamlined approach makes installation a breeze, putting control of fan speeds and lighting right at your fingertips via your motherboard.

During low-load conditions, Zero RPM Mode support eliminates fan noise by stopping the fans from spinning when they’re not needed. The RS Series incorporates CORSAIR AirGuide Technology, the market-proven feature in modern CORSAIR fans that helps direct airflow precisely where it’s needed with anti-vortex vanes. Additionally, the renowned CORSAIR Magnetic Dome bearing minimizes noise and friction while ensuring a longer lifespan for the fans, resulting in a well-rounded fan with exceptional value.

Available in your choice of black or white and either 120mm or 140mm sizes, the RS Series of fans offers a versatile solution to meet the needs of any build. Whether you’re a seasoned builder or a newcomer to the world of DIY PCs, RS and RS ARGB fans offer outstanding cooling performance with ease – it’s just that simple.

Availability and Pricing

RS and RS ARGB fans are available now in 120mm and 140mm sizes, in both single and multi-fan packs, from the CORSAIR webstore and the CORSAIR worldwide network of authorized retailers and distributors.

RS and RS ARGB are backed by a two-year warranty, alongside the CORSAIR worldwide customer service and technical support network.

For up-to-date pricing of RS and RS ARGB, please refer to the CORSAIR website or contact your local CORSAIR sales or PR representative.


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