June 28th, 2024, Taipei, Taiwan – LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of chassis and PC accessories, launches the HydroShift LCD 360 AIOs, that allow for a nearly tubeless aesthetic once installed. There are three options available: HydroShift LCD 360S, HydroShift LCD 360R, and HydroShift LCD 360TL. Each option comes with a 2.88” LCD display at the pump block which is fully customizable via L-Connect 3. The HydroShift 360S, 360R, and 360TL AIOs are available in black and white at an MSRP of $179.99, $199.99, and $259.99, respectively.

Minimal Tubing
The HydroShift 360S, 360R, and 360TL liquid cooling AIOs have a unique design that conceals tubing to the side of the radiator, creating a clean look. The tubing is designed to sit flush against the sides using ribbed tubing commonly found in water-cooled servers, providing durability and flexibility to bend around the radiator without affecting flow. Two pre-installed retention brackets help with tubing routing, and the system includes a full-length brushed aluminum plate and left/right tube cover plates for a polished appearance. Additionally, a pump mounting hardware cover is provided for a sleek finish.

HydroShift LCD 360S
The HydroShift LCD 360S features a new pump design, now running at 3800 RPM, by enhancing the propeller and water channels, improving performance, and lowering noise levels. The pump has two main cables: one for synchronization with the motherboard using PWM and another main cable that splits into SATA, PWM for the fans, and USB 2.0 for L-Connect communication. Additionally, two tube clips are included to route the main cable along the back of the tubes. The 27mm thick radiator comes with pre-installed 28mm non-RGB fans that prioritize quiet operation without compromising performance, with a speed of up to 2500 RPM. Furthermore, they are compatible with the UNI FAN P28's side ARGB kit.

HydroShift LCD 360R
The 360R pump has a slightly larger propeller than the 360S, which allows it to deliver better performance at speeds of up to 3200 RPM. It features a single cable solution that combines SATA for power, PWM for fan daisy-chaining, and USB 2.0 for L-Connect communication. The HydroShift 360R also comes with two tube clips to discreetly route the main cable along the back of the tubes. Additionally, the 360R includes a 31mm thick radiator and pre-installed 28mm thick ARGB and PWM fans that can reach speeds of up to 2400 RPM. The ARGB cable for the radiator fans is routed inside the tube braiding to connect inside the pump block and be synchronized via L-Connect.

HydroShift LCD 360TL
The HydroShift 360TL comes with the same 3200 RPM pump and radiator as the 360R. The AIO features 3x pre-installed UNI FAN TL fans for a unique look. The cable that comes from the pump, which can also be routed behind the tubes, features the modules that connect to the daisy-chained TL fans and connection for the included TL hub, this solution provides a single cable solution with full control over the pump and fans from L-Connect 3.

The HydroShift LCD 360S, 360R, and 360TL AIOs black and white come with a 6-year warranty and are available for pre-order on June 28th, 2024, at an MSRP of $179.99, $199.99, and $259.99 respectively.

For more information on the HydroShift LCD AIO series, please visit: https://lian-li.com/product/hydroshift-aio/



HydroShift LCD 360S

HydroShift LCD 360R

HydroShift LCD 360TL


Black / White

LCD Type

2.88” IPS

LCD Resolution

480 x 480 pixels

Screen Brightness

500 Nits

Block Dimensions

72 x 72 x 59mm

72 x 72 x 58.6mm

Pump Speed

1500-3800RPM ±10%

1500-3200RPM ±10%

Radiator Dimensions

403 x 124.5 x 27mm

403 x 124.5 x 31mm

Fan Dimensions

124 x 120 x 28mm

Fan Speed


300-2400 RPM


Bearing Type

FDB Bearing

Rated Voltage

DC 12V

Operating Voltage

DC 10.8-13.2V

Starting Voltage


Fan Airflow




Fan Static Pressure

5mm H2O

3.26mm H2O

3.94mm H2O

Fan Noise Level




Locked Current


Operating Current

250mA (max 280mA)

Compatible CPU Sockets

Intel: LGA 1700

AMD: AM5 / AM4



The HydroShift LCD 360S is now available at NEWEGG:
Black: https://www.newegg.com/p/2YM-002Y-00032?Item=9SIAFSTKAX2283
White: https://www.newegg.com/p/2YM-002Y-00033?Item=9SIAFSTKAX2522

The HydroShift LCD 360R is now available at NEWEGG:
Black: https://www.newegg.com/p/2YM-002Y-00035?Item=9SIAFSTKAX2782
White: https://www.newegg.com/p/2YM-002Y-00034?Item=9SIAFSTKAX2633

The HydroShift LCD 360TL is now available at NEWEGG:
Black: https://www.newegg.com/p/2YM-002Y-00036?Item=9SIAFSTKAX2783
White: https://www.newegg.com/p/2YM-002Y-00037?Item=9SIAFSTKAX2840

The HydroShift LCD series is now available at Amazon: https://amzn.to/3WhkFmo

The HydroShift LCD series is now available at Overclockers UK:


The HydroShift LCD series is now available at Caseking:

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