The packaging for the ROG Strix RTX 4080 SUPER was large like you would expect and because this is Asus’s ROG lineup even on the outside you can pick up on a little extra detail like the ROG Strix Gaming branding having a holo effect on them. The front of the box has the Nvidia green and black wrap-around that takes up a good portion of the packaging. This is consistent with all products other than the Founders Edition cards and it helps make it easy to spot the cards in store all together. That has the RTX 4080 SUPER model name on it and the 16 GB of VRAM mention and Asus slipped in their AURA Sync branding to let us know it has lighting and an OC Edition badge as well. The best part about the front of the box though is that there is a picture of the card taking up most of the box. That includes having the lighting lit up as well and I wish every box had a picture like this right on front. If you shop in store it can be a mess sometimes where you have no idea what you are getting and you spend time looking it all up online. Speaking of pictures, the back of the box has some as well. There are two more pictures of the whole card showing the back and front then they have one showing the heatsink and the power delivery. There is also a basic picture at the bottom along with a line drawing that shows what display connections you get. Most of the pictures also have a description and talk about a few of the features. The only thing missing here really is a specification listing that has the card dimensions and overclock speeds but we never see that.

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The outer box comes off and inside you have a black box with some black artwork on it. In addition, the ROG Strix branding is printed here in that same holographic finish. When you open the box up, it flips open and is a lot thicker than you might expect. The top of the box has a thin layer of foam then the bottom has a really thick layer which has the card-shaped cutout. The ROG Strix RTX 4080 SUPER comes sitting in its comfy bed and is inside of a static protective bag. It also comes covered head to toe in plastic protective layers, sometimes two layers thick in some areas. This will take a minute to get all of it pealed up but people who love the peal will be happy. Under the foam tray is another layer with an envelope with the documentation in it and two flip-out sections to the sides of it. Those will have the accessories inside.

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One way Asus always stands out with their higher-end products is you don’t just get the card and that is it. With the ROG Strix RTX 4080 SUPER you of course get the 12VHPWR adapter, just like the Founders Edition, with three 8-pin PCIe power connections on one end and the new compact plug on the other end. You get two ROG-branded Velcro wire ties and a wider ROG-branded Velcro strap as well. There is also a small metal GPU support. This is similar to what came with the last TUF card I took a look at only this one has the ROG logo on it. The thumbscrew unscrews and the support extends out and has a rubber bumper on the end.

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The documentation envelope was filled up. A lot of that was the cardboard standee that says thank you for your Asus GPU purchase on it. You also get an ROG Strix playing card, they have these for their different product lines and they have a picture of the card as well as stats on them it’s a small thing but a nice token for someone to show off their Asus purchase. Along with those you get a quick start guide and an instruction manual for the included graphics card holder. There is a small booklet for the warranty information as well. Then lastly you get a paper that just touches on how to hook up the 12VHPWR power connection which if you don’t get plugged in firmly can cause a bad connection and some melting, so this is important information to follow.

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