Overall and Final Verdict

The Gigabyte RX 7600 Gaming OC 8G is an interesting card, its cooler design has the styling from Gigabyte's previous generation of cards with its mix of grey and black and an older fan design. It does still have the backlit branding as its only lighting accents which I’m not a big fan of. That said the look isn’t out of style at all and it doesn’t affect performance at all. The RX 7600 Gaming OC 8G is overclocked and in nearly all of our tests performed between 1 and 2 percent better than the stock-clocked reference RX 7600 and was faster than the RX 7600 Pulse as well. That wasn’t enough to rearrange our charts though, all of the RX 7600 perform great at 1080p and at capable at 1440p in some situations as well. The RX 7600 Gaming OC 8G came in surprisingly close to the RTX 3060 Ti and outperformed the RTX 4060 that Nvidia just recently launched. It did still have the same lower performance in Blender that all of the RX 7600 have had, but that wasn’t a surprise at all.

The RX 7600 Gaming OC 8G with its triple fan cooler is a long card, longer than AMD's reference design and the Pulse that I previously took a look at. That larger cooler did have it running extremely cool in our testing but it is also loud partially because the fans are capable of higher RPM than most cards. Gigabyte’s stock fan profile is also really aggressive and could be toned down without affecting cooling performance much but it would make a big difference in the noise levels when under load. That said the GPU Hotspots were still high. The overclock did make a big difference in our power efficiency tests compared to the other RX 7600s.

For pricing the RX 7600 Gaming OC 8G has an MSRP of $264.99 which is $5 less than the Sapphire RX 7600 Pulse. All of the RX 7600 are a good deal when you start comparing them to where Nvidia is right now with the RTX 4060. Its biggest competition comes from the 6000 Series cards from AMD that have been discounted to clear out stock. If you are looking to game at 1080p you aren’t going to find a better value from the current generation.


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