The packaging for the Merc 319 7800 XT Black has a vertical orientation which is unique when compared to what all of the other AMD partners do. You used to mostly see this from EVGA on the Nvidia side but they are no longer around. I like the design though, it cuts down the size of the required AMD wrap-around at the bottom as well. That wrap-around puts the 12GB of VRAM in the bottom left corner and the 7800 XT model information in the bottom right. XFX has their logo in the top left, and then the Merc 319 branding covers most of the box with the Speedster designation that can be seen in the background on the black background. Having the smaller wrap-around helps on the back of the box as well because the wrap-around includes AMD-specific features on it down at the bottom. This leaves room for huge pictures of the card from two different angles that cover most of the back. I kind of wish the card pictures were on the front though. They do a good job of showing off the styling and you can see both the fan size and the backplate. The only thing missing are some basic specifications like the card dimensions to make shopping in retail easier.

image 5  image 6

The outer box sides off and inside there is a main black cardboard box. When you flip the top on that box there is an insert with QR codes for the installation guide, warranty, and drivers. You also have a copy of the card information sticker with your serial number on it which is great if you ever have issues and need to contact support. The insert also has the XFX X logo across it. Under the insert you will find an inch thick foam panel and under that the Merc 319 7800 XT Black is wrapped up in a thick plastic bag. The bag is still semi-transparent so when you dive in you do get to check the card out. The card sits in a thick foam tray that has been cut perfectly to fit it and keep it from moving around. The card also comes with plastic on the entire fan shroud and the backplate giving it double protection from any scratches or wear.

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