Because these cards are made and sold by AMD, the packaging doesn’t have to have the red wrap-around that all AMD cards normally have to keep all of the branding consistent. Without all of that, the packaging for the Radeon RX 7800 XT is very dark. Like with the 7600 and 7900 XT/XTX the front of the box has a black background with a haze floating in the air and a zoomed-in picture of the card across half of the box. This shows the dual fans, the exposed heatsink including the red accent, and the power connections up on top. It also shows off the Radeon branding on the card. Beyond that, the front of the box has the AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT branding in the top left corner with a metallic finish that blends in with the dark background. Then on the back, they do show off their software with a screenshot of that. The back has a large spot for a UPC sticker and has all of the required certification logos around it. 

image 4

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There is just one clear sticker that holds the box closed. Once you cut that the whole front of the box can lift up and right away you get a full view of the card. The underside of the top has a thin layer of foam with a cutout section in the middle that continues the black background and haze with a welcome to Team Red. The card itself has foam on the two parts of the PCI bracket that stick out and it comes sitting in a foam tray cut to fit the card and keep it from moving around. On top of the foam, they have a cover that continues the black/hazy background and has the Radeon RX 7800 XT branding once again. Unlike most partner cards AMD doesn’t have their card in a static protective bag and the box doesn’t have a second box inside. This is a little more premium, similar to how Nvidia handles their Founders Edition cards.

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Once you pull the card out of the foam cutout there is a thin layer of foam under it and in that, there is a small piece that you can remove. This has the documentation inside. There aren’t any adapters or accessories needed or included. For the documentation, one has a QR code for the user manual with some legal information inside. The other is an invitation to Team Red.

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