Where the Founders Edition RTX 4070 came with an unusually shaped box and everything being black. Zotac has gone a completely different direction for the packaging on the RTX 4070 Amp Airo. The box has a faint drawing of the card that covers the entire front which fades from a reflective silver finish to a metal-like black. Along the bottom, the box has the Nvidia wrap-around with the model name on the right. Zotac has badges on the left to hint at some of the cards features. Then up top, they have the Zotac Gaming logo and the Amp and Airo branding. The standard Nvidia wrap-around complicates things, but it’s a little hard to tell what model this is with those logos up at the top away from the GPU model at the bottom. The back of the box has an actual picture of the card which is great to see. Zotac touches on their Freeze feature which is the fans turning off when idle, Spectra 2.0 which is their RGB lighting, Icestorm 2.0 which is their name for their cooler, and Firestorm which is the name of their software UI. Below that there is a feature list of GPU-specific features as well as something similar in the Nvifia wrap-around in the bottom left corner. Sadly there aren’t any specifications to let you know the card size, the display connections, or the clock speed if you end up shopping for this in a retail store so you will have to look a few things up in that situation.

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The outer box is just for the branding, under that the RTX 4070 Amp Airo has a light grey box with the Zotac Gaming branding on the top. This opens up like other Zotac cards have done to a matching cardboard flap. The flap has tabs to hold a small reflective bag with the documentation inside that says “Love Gaming. Power the Win.”. Under that is a sheet of protective foam and then the card itself comes in a static protective bubble wrap bag and sits in a cutout section of foam. I really doubt the card gets damaged with the multiple layers of padding. There is also a small cutout for the included accessories.

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For documentation, the RTX 4070 Amp Airo has a card-specific user guide and a universal guide as well. You also get a cool card with a holo finish. Then to round things out there were two small pieces of paper. One is a warning to make sure the 12VHPWR connection is completely seated which is very important considering the melted connections we saw at the initial 4090 launch. Then the second paper is a quick guide to how you use the included GPU support stand.

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For accessories, the RTX 4070 Amp Airo comes with two things. The first is an Nvidia-branded dual 8-pin to 12VHPWR adapter cable. This is the same adapter that the RTX 4070 Founders Edition comes with. While I would highly recommend using a new ATX 3.0 power supply if you can, the adapter will get the job done until you get one. Then the second accessory is a small GPU support bracket which is made of metal. And has a rubber-padded adjustable support. This is a lot smaller than most supports so it will depend a lot on your case design if this will work at all. But given the size of the RTX 4070 Amp Airo, it is a welcomed addition.

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