VR Benchmarks

For our VR testing, I have gone ahead and dropped the SteamVR test altogether, at least when it comes to anything mid-range and beyond for graphics cards are maxing out that test and it is only looking for basic VR performance. I’m more concerned with how cards are going to perform in the higher end VR titles of today and the future. So I still have VRMark but I dropped orange room for the same reasons as SteamVR. The cyan and blue room tests are still very useful though. The cyan room test is looking at modern day high-end VR performance and as you can see all of the cards did reach that goal. The RX 5700 XT did especially well coming in behind the Radeon VII and ahead of Nvidia’s 2060 SUPER. In the blue room test, the 2060 SUPER did better by 4 FPS. The RX 5700 didn’t do too bad in the cyan room, beating the RTX 2060 but again at the higher detail, it dropped down below it by 7 FPS.


I’ve also added Superposition in with its VR tests. I focused on the VR Future and VR Maximum tests and I used the slightly higher Vive resolution over the Rift. The story was similar here as well. In the VR max tests, they both did well, outperforming Nvidia’s direct competition though not by much. But in the future tests, they both dropped down below their direct competition.



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