Synthetic Benchmarks

So our synthetic benchmarks were all over the place but help get us a little information on how the 580’s in Crossfire compare to everything else. In 3DMark Fire Strike they top the charts at 1080p but at 1440p and 4k they drop off and fall in between the GTX 1080 11GBps and the GTX 1080 Ti. In 3Dmark Time Spy, the results are similar but we have results from the 480s in Crossfire and 1080 and 1070 SLI to also compare with. The 580’s in Crossfire give a bump over the 480’s but like the single cards, don’t catch up to the 1070 SLI.





The new Unigine Superposition is the first indication we see of no support for Crossfire so the pair actually comes in just below both of the 580’s. Valley Benchmark, however, does have Crossfire support and like in 3DMark, the pair comes in above the 1080 and below the 1080 Ti.



No crossfire support in Catzilla so nothing much to see here.




For VR, SteamVr shows up that the pair does improve performance but don’t even reach the 11 rating that everything from the overclocked 1070 and above get. In VRMark there is support for Crossfire but you don’t see much of a bump. Orange room does up 11 FPS and is still well behind the 1070 but in the blue room, the improvement is more pronounced but still not great.




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