Well while I have the Crush project build apart I painted the two GTX 1080’s and after that, I had a little extra time. To fill that time I went ahead and put the two cards on our testbench and ran them through our standard test suite to see how they perform. I put all of the results together and today I’m tossing the up for anyone who wants to see how the 1080’s compare in SLI to a single GTX 1080, two RX 480’s, or two GTX 1070’s. As always with our SLI/Crossfire articles, it is mostly just the results with very little content beyond that, so you can use the information to form your own opinions.

Article Name: GTX 1080 Founders Edition SLI Testing

Products Provided by: Nvidia

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

Amazon Link: HERE


Link to original review

Link to how to paint your Founders Edition cards

In case you were curious what driver or firmware version I was running here is a shot of the GPUz taken during testing. These are two completely stock cards other than being bright orange so you can expect numbers to be a little higher with overclocked non-founders edition cards.



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