Overall and Final Verdict

The N4560 has an entry-level price point, and leaves some room to pick up a few good drives and still keep the investment under $500. Installation, both physical and software, can be simple but also supports in-depth customization if you so desire. While there were a few physical security concerns, in reality having an non-local storage solution that isn't a budget external USB drive is a huge improvement of its own. The locks mechanisms will likely be enough to deter malicious activity, intentional or not, but if someone really wants in, they'd be able to do it. As mentioned above, the software experience can end at the wizard set-up, establishing a RAID configuration and a few basic shared folders, or it can go beyond to provide directories separated by owner access, cloud backups, or even a few additional functions such as an HTPC. That being said, a lot of the applications on the Thecus "market" are not compatible with this model, which is a bit of a bummer. It is still a great option and should be a contender if you're considering a network-attached solution for your network.


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Author: Lersar
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