Let me first start by repeating that this isn’t one of our normal reviews like with most products. Testing power supply performance requires specialized hardware that we do not have. I still recommend that to get a full idea of how the be quiet! Straight Power 12 1000W performs you will also need to mix in some coverage from the few places that can do that. The Straight Power 11 was considered an A-Tier power supply and I’m not expecting the Straight Power 12 to be any different, but check first.

I mentioned in our coverage before, but in addition to having a good reputation for quality with their power supplies, be quiet is in a unique position because of their cooling experience to be able to integrate a higher quality fan than most power supplies can include while not effecting the price as much as well. So noise performance on their power supplies including the Straight Power 12 we have here is always a step above. The Straight Power 12 also fits in a great spot in the lineup. The Dark Power and Dark Power Pro power supplies are their flagships and are 80 Plus titanium rated, but that comes at a much more expensive price tag. The Straight Power 12 1000W isn’t cheap, but it does still get you top-tier quality and with an efficiency in the 80 Plus Platinum range it does bridge the gap. It also integrates the new PCIe 5.0 12VHPWR connection. It has an MSRP of $259.90 though which is more expensive than I would have expected. Phanteks and Corsair both have similarly optioned power supplies that are $199.99 + shipping and $239.99 respectively. The Dark Power 13 from be quiet! also competes highly with the Straight Power 12 1000W at $259 with the Dark Power just $30 more (289.90).

The Straight Power 12 1000W is there with be quiets unique but subtle styling and features, but they may need to adjust the pricing a little more to be competitive like the Dark Power 13 is when compared to the 80 Plus Titanium rated power supplies.

Live Pricing: HERE

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