The Cooler Master V SFX Platinum 1100W isn’t just your standard SFX power supply, Cooler Master has set out to break boundaries with their 1100-watt and 1300-watt models which are crazy numbers for a SFX form factor power supply. To reach those wattages in such a small form factor there are a few big sacrifices that are obvious when checking things out. The biggest is their definition of SFX where the housing dimensions fit the form factor but all of the modular cable connections stick out significantly past that. The V SFX Platinum 1100W also doesn’t have a power switch at all which is a big change and could be an issue if anything goes wrong and you need to power things down quickly.

Obviously, the high wattages are awesome, pushing up into the wattage needed to easily handle a high-end CPU and the highest-end GPUs with room to overclock as well. The V SFX Platinum 1100W is also a new ATX 3.0 PSU with support for the new 12VHPWR connection and with that they have a unique cable with a right-angled connection that could be very helpful in fitting things in a small form factor build, the right-angled connection also needs to line up with your power supply, Having a second backup cable that isn’t right-angled would have been a nice addition just in case. Other than that cable, all of the cables are the flat and easy-to-use cabling and you get a nice variety of connection options with short lengths for SFF builds. I would love to see a combo SATA and Molex cable for situations where you only need to hook up one of each, which would save some more space. But beyond that, you get everything you need and even a nylon bag to store extra cables as well.

With the high wattage, there is a powerful fan which when you start cranking things up runs up to 2800 RPM and there isn’t a zero-RPM model for things to stay quiet at low power usage, but silence isn’t the target here, and isn’t possible when pushing the limits of what you can fit in a small housing. The V SFX Platinum 1100W has a solid 10-year warranty. As always though looking beyond the immediate features, you should check out a few of the reviews that dive into power regulation before considering a power supply. Hardware Busters and Anandtech have done just that. The V SFX Platinum 1100W does also have its test results from its 80 Plus testing as well as the Cybernetics testing as well that have more information as well.

As far as pricing goes, the V SFX Platinum 1100W has an MSRP of $279.99. There aren’t any other SFX power supplies in this wattage range for comparison. The closest would be the Thermaltake Toughpower SFX 1000W and the Asus ROG Logi SFX-L 1000W which are both 100 watts less and also larger SFX-L sized. This puts how crazy it is that the V SFX Platinum 1100W is up in the 1100-watt range. Both of those are selling for $249, the Loki does also have RGB lighting and they are all 80 Plus Platinum rated for efficiency. So while expensive, this is the only game in town when you want this much wattage in an SFXish form factor.

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