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As you can see, the i500 has a simple black outer finish to fit with most standard case coloring. The mesh side lets us peek in on the inner workings and provide a bit of airflow for the components when in operation. The unit comes with over voltage, over current and over power protection to hopefully prevent the loss of your other components should the power supply fail. There is also over temperature and short circuit protection to protect the unit, itself. All of this is backed by a 5 year warranty and is usually an area you find skimped upon in this budget price bracket.

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The i500 is cooled by a standard 120mm fan. Unfortunately there is no fan control for adjustability but the fan isn’t very loud in operation and is controlled by the unit so you need not worry about it being loud.

i500 10

With a non-modular power supply, the biggest thing to worry about is if there enough connections for your setup. The i500 actually has a decent amount available to you without the unit becoming a tangled mess. The standard 20+4 motherboard power, 4+4 pin CPU power and 6+2 pin VGA power cables are all present and decently long. The separation of the plugs on both the motherboard and CPU power cable seems a bit odd but gives the power supply the ability to operate in even older generation systems.

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As far as accessory power goes, the i500 has enough SATA power connectors to feed up to six devices as well as a chain of three 4 pin Molex and that ever elusive unicorn, the 4 pin floppy power connector. With this amount of connectors you can be assured the i500 can handle just about any system its 500W could be tasked to handle.

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