Packaging and Overview

The Widecam F100 comes packed away in a clear plastic that gives us an almost complete look and the camera right on the front of the box. On top of the camera, we are introduced to many of the F100’s key features like its 120o viewing angle and its 1080p quality video.

F100 2

The rear of the packaging shows off the features in full affect. The wide angle view, the F100 boasts, is perfect for video conferencing and the universal stand with 360o rotation gives the Widecam the ability to be used in almost any situation.

F100 3

The F100 comes packed away with a few extra goodies. Included are the Quick Installation Guide and software install CD as well as a 5ft. USB extension cable. The software included with the Widecam F100 is pretty simplistic; the operating driver and a copy of WebCam Companion 4 from ARCSoft. The USB cable is a simple pass through but with the Widecam’s ability to act as a video conferencing webcam the cable gives you that extra reach you may need.

F100 4

Finally we get our first hands on look at the F100. It’s styling is simple yet functional and it comes with a 5ft. cord of its own allowing you to reach up to 10ft. away from your device should you need to. The glass lens is manually adjustable unlike a lot of consumer based webcams which is something to consider.

F100 5

Set into the front face on both sides of the F100’s camera is the pick-ups for its stereo microphone. With its aim at being a powerful video conferencing tool on top of just an everyday personal webcam, the inclusion of this powerful microphone inside the unit is crucial.

F100 6

The last thing to look at is the F100’s universal stand. With its 360o  X axis rotation and nearly 120o Y axis rotation the Widecam displays a large range of versatility. The stand can folded up and simply rest on a table to sit on stable rubberized feet or folded out and clipped onto a monitor or some other upright flat surface with relative ease.

F100 8

F100 9

F100 7

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