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Like I said before this isn’t Lexar’s first time in the RAM market but they are still slowly working their way in. The edge that they have over other newer brands in that segment though is we know and can trust the brand and trust that their warranty will still exist in the future. Both of the Lexar ARES RGB kits in DDR4 and DDR5 have a limited lifetime warranty, with some brands that wouldn’t mean anything at all but it does here like the other brands that we know and trust. This is the second time we have taken a look at their gaming memory and this new kit is a nice improvement on their previous model. It is available in DDR4 and DDR5 kits and both have the same styling. Like with most gaming kits these days they are available in black or white and they have these RGB models. The heatspreader design has a little flair and also has small wings printed on them as well for a little more of an accent. But it is the top section with the large light diffuser across the top and the ARES branding that is backlit that sets things off. The lighting, which works with all of the popular motherboard RGB software, was bright and visible from every angle because of Lexar’s design and had no visible hotspots which helps give it a nice blend when it is going from color to color.

With both DDR4 and DDR5 options as well as black and white color options, that alone is a nice variety but they do have a few speeds available in both lines. Lexar hit the nail on the head with 3600Mbps / 3866Mbps / 4000Mbps for DDR4 and 5600MT/s and 6400MT/s for DDR5. Both hitting the speeds most people are looking for, and none of those are crazy speeds that may or may not work, they are well tested and reliable speeds that match up well with Intel and AMDs CPUs. Really the only issue I ran into with the Lexar ARES RGB kits was that our DDR5 kit performed just slightly below a kit with the same clock speed and timings in our testing. Beyond that, they were rock solid.

For pricing, it is of course going to depend a lot on the kit that you go with. For our situation though let’s look at the two kits that Lexar sent over. The Lexar ARES RGB DDR4 3600 MHz 32GB kit is selling for $69.99 on Amazon right now. I took a look at kits on Newegg with the same clock speed, capacity, and CAS latency and this kit was right in line with any of the RGB kits that it matched up with. There were one or two unknown brand RGB kits for slightly less, but other than that Lexar’s pricing for that kit is spot on. The ARES RGB DDR5 6400 MT/s 32GB kit that I tested is $104.99 on Amazon and this was $5 less than even the cheapest kits with the same speed and capacity on Newegg making it a good buy.


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