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Given my experience running the ECW230 access point on our network already, the ECW260 was a very easy addition to our network. I was already used to running EnGenius Cloud to control things and given that everything was already set up for the ECW230 adding the ECW260 was as simple as scanning the QR code and getting going. It was up on our network from that point on as long as it had a POE network connection. But even the physical installation was surprisingly easy really, once you get your networked POE connection to the device which you would need to do for any outside AP the supplied mount was great. I really like that EnGenius gives a lot of different options for the mount, especially for pole mounting. They even include the extra hardware like the clamps for the poles, screws, and even wall anchors if you need them. My only complaint there would be maybe using a rarer screw head for the locking screw or even just a loop to put an actual lock for situations where the AP might be easy to reach.

Performance was solid both in file transfers and range and you don’t have to worry about overloading the network connection with the 2.5G connection speed. I wouldn’t be against seeing a similar model that has a 4x4 radio configuration like the ECW230 if for no other reason than to keep the overall network more consistent. Basically letting you “match” your inside and outside APs.

The only other issue is with the price, the ECW260 is a pro-focused product not your typical home access point so you can expect to pay pro prices. But the price gap between the two is large with the ECW260 running $499 and with something like the Netgear WAX610Y being $160. I will say that EnGenius does make up for at least part of that with their customer service. Their software has a chat integrated down in the bottom right corner where you can give their support access and they can run through any issues you have.


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