Cooler Master Notepal Infinite

100_1558-lanocsmThere are a lot of things a laptop provides: generally low power consumption, connectivity, and portability to name a few. But when a user takes a laptop beyond spreadsheets and blogging, there are certain areas that are left lacking. Extensive use creates stress on the system and many styles' neglected ergonomics create stress on the user. Cooler Master has created a solution for both.

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Choiix Mini Air-Through Notebook Cooling Pad

img_3443-lanoc-reviews-lrsmAt CES this past January and more recently at CeBit right now we have seen a growing trend. Companies like Cooler Master have been introducing designer brands with a focus on style. Cooler Master introduced Choiix (it's said "choice") this past June, we had the opportunity to take a closer look at their whole line this past January at CES. Today we have a chance to get a closer look at their Mini Air-Through Notebook Cooling Pad. Without the models here to distract me, I can really check it out.

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Spire Torq Laptop Backpack

img_0481-lanoc-reviews-lanoc-reviews-smallFor the past year I have been using a messenger style laptop bag to carry around my laptop. I've made a few trips but nothing major up until the beginning of this year. Our trip to CES this year required a lot of planning and packing. I was going to need a secure way to carry around my laptop at the show that I could also take onto the plane with me. I came in contact with a bag manufacture by the name of Spire; they have a great selection of high quality laptop bags including backpacks. Spire was nice enough to send out their new backpack called the Torq for me to be able to try out while I was at CES.

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VIZO XENA mini portable notebook cooler

In the past, we have reviewed a VIZO laptop coolers a few times. We did enjoy them; in fact, I still use the mini Ninja II when I have my laptop at my main desk. The problem is when you leave your desk they weren't designed to be carried around with your laptop. Considering that's the point of a laptop I was really excited to see that VIZO recently came out with a portable laptop cooler called the XENA mini. They shipped one out for me to check out. I plan to find out how helpful the ZENA mini is for people "on the go".

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ComboSaver Combination Portable Notebook Lock

When it comes to your high dollar laptop you can’t be too safe. There are only a few ways of keeping it secure. Short of carrying it around with you the options are very limited, there is a good chance you will be looking at Notebook locks. With Kensington being a trusted name it’s no surprise a lot of people turn to them to keep their laptop secure. Kensington produces a variety of different options, the easiest being a combination lock. Kensington provided us with their newest model. We are going to use it in everyday life and see how well it works. Keep reading to find out how everything went.

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VIZO Mini Ninja II

Not too long ago one of our reviewers 8BitGeek took a look at VIZO’s Mini Ninja. The Mini Ninja is a desktop laptop cooler. If you remember overall he was very happy with the product although he did have a few issues. VIZO has released an updated version called the MiniNinja II . We will be taking a look at it today. We will find out what they changed and see if they fixed any of the issues that were brought up in the last review.

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LapLogic Aerogel Lapdesks

The word laptop is a very deceptive term. The general construction of it implies that such a device would be comfortable on a person’s lap. More often than not, however, this is not the case. They tend to heat up and nearly catch you aflame or are just plain uncomfortable. Personally, I have never used a laptop that proved comfortable after a few hours of use. Laplogic offers their own unique approach to this solution with their Aerogel Lapdesk . We had the privilege of trying their new G800 and W800 Aerogel Extreme lapdesks to see how they solve our heat and comfort woes.

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Krusell Radical messenger bag for Laptop

Krusell is a Swedish company who is known normally for making cases for cell phones and other portable electrical devices. They have recently branched into the laptop bag arena and have provided us with a sample for us to check out. They have provided us with a Radical Messenger bag for a 15.4” laptop. Is Krusell ready to enter the laptop market? We will find out after the jump.

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