A nice list a features, a sleek design and a simple to use app will only get you so far. When it comes down to it the MobileLite Reader needs to preform and to do that I assembled the same test files use to test the Wi-Reader products: a JPG picture, a MP3 song, a PDF document and a 1.5GB MP4 movie. These represent the bulk of the media most would find themselves transferring around and sharing with friends and family.

MobileLite 18

Moving the files from the reader to a PC by USB is as fast as you can expect from USB 2.0 which makes it a decent card reader at the very least but those are a dime a dozen. The internal battery is meant to act as a small charging station but with the rather small 1800mAh battery I wouldn’t expect to even get a full charge out of it. Still, in a pinch there is enough juice to probably get an emergency call or two out of it.

The wireless transfer rates are listed as “up to 100mbps” in the specifications and while transferring them from a thumb drive to my phone I averaged about 72mbps. While not stellar it is enough to stream music or a movie and transfer a few pictures or documents for safe keeping. Just be aware the default Android video player doesn’t support files bigger then 2GB natively.

MobileLite 20

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