Analogix actually gave us two different models of their SlimPort adapters but one of them was a pre-release sample of their full SlimPort to HDMI cable and it didn’t come in a package. The SlimPort to HDMI adapter however did come in its packaging. We didn’t expect much with the packaging, a lot of times when you order an adapter like this they actually come in an unmarked bag, so when compared to that the packaging this time around was an improvement. The HDMI Adapter was sealed up in a static free bag and reminded me of a piece of jerky. Up top the SlimPort brand name was right on top along with the DisplayPort logo as well, beyond that there wasn’t much for info to be found other than a basic diagram on the back that shows that the cable plugs into a phone then into an HDMI cable, then television.

image 1

image 2


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