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Going into this, while I was excited about a new Pro X Superlight 2 because the previous model hit the mark so well I was also worried that by changing things Logitech was risking messing up what makes the Pro X Superlight and the Pro Wireless before it great but I can say with confidence now that they didn’t mess up the formula for the Pro X Superlight 2. Really on the outside, there isn’t anything you are going to notice visually that is different and that is where I feel like some companies mess things up. They feel obligated to make obvious changes but with the Pro X Superlight 2, the only things you will be able to see is the charging cable connection at the front has changed from the old proprietary winged micro-USB connection to a Type-C connection. On the bottom, the gliders have a small shape change. The move to Type-C is a big one, there is a good chance you already have a charger on your desk which means you don’t need an extra cable just to keep the Pro X Superlight 2 charged. Speaking of charging, the battery life, because the Pro X Superlight 2 isn’t decked out in lighting and Logitech has fine-tuned things with their hybrid optical switches and the new Hero 2 sensor you get up to 95 hours in constant motion with the mouse.

Where they did make changes they have the new sensor that I already mentioned and the Hybrid optical switches for the trigger switches. The sensor is solid, just building on the previous Hero 25K sensor. The new trigger switches work well but they are louder and firmer than older Pro X Superlight’s. They kept the same side switches, but the slop in the buttons has been removed so those are improved as well. Then for the scroll wheel, the noisy wheel from the Pro X Superlight is gone and this one is more like the original Pro Wireless, It is quieter and the bumps in the scroll are a little less defined which is nice. Logitech also upgraded the Pro X Superlight 2’s wireless connection with their Lightspeed now connecting at 2k Hz. Razer however has 4000 Hz on the Viper V2 Pro when using the adapter or dock, I was surprised that Logitech didn’t try to at least match that. The same goes for the overall weight, The Pro X Superlight 2 is 60 grams which is 3 grams less than the original Superlight but that same Viper V2 Pro is 58 grams and came out last year. I thought for sure the Pro X Superlight 2 would aim to come in at least a gram less than that just to prove a point.

Some of the details that the previous Superlight had are still there. Logitech’s software is still great, in fact, it has continued to evolve. The Pro X Superlight 2 comes with a set of grips, they are black which I don’t think goes well with the pink Superlight 2 that we tested. But the dongle and USB adapter both were black as well, only the mouse itself got the full color treatment. Speaking of colors, you do have Black, White, and Pink color options right from the start. I would still vote for a bright orange model, but I love that they have something beyond the standard black or white. The Pro X Superlight 2 has PowerPlay support still as well and with the race to the bottom when it comes to weight I’ve been worried we would see support for this dropped, I’m really glad they still have it. Of course the improvements with the Pro X Superlight 2 bright to light that an updated Logitech PowerPlay would be great to see. I’ve been hoping to see a slightly thinner design for years now and if you use the hard pads for the Powerplay you know my pain with them cupping almost immediately. But with the Superlight 2 the Powerplay could also use an upgrade to Type-C and support for 2k Hz or preferably even higher so that Pro X Superlight 2 users don’t have to drop down in report rate to be able to keep their mouse charged all of the time.

For pricing Logitech has raised the pricing slightly, the Pro X Superlight 2 has an MSRP of $159 whereas the original Superlight and the Pro Wireless before it were both $149. It isn’t cheap, truthfully this is more than I would spend on a mouse, but it also isn’t far from the competition either. The Viper V2 Pro is $149.99. It has however helped bring down the price of the original Superlight which can be picked up for $109.99 after a $10 coupon on Amazon right now. Make no mistake, this is the high end of the market and Logitech has the Pro X Superlight 2 priced to that as well. It is also a great mouse and if it holds up like their previous mice have it should live a very long life. The improvements that the Pro X Superlight 2 has gotten wouldn’t justify an upgrade from the original Superlight to the Superlight 2. But if you were considering getting the original, you do get a list of improvements here without losing anything that made the original Pro Wireless or the Superlight great.


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