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So if you are a little older like me you will most likely remember wrist rests similar to the Grifiti Wrist Pads. With a lot of keyboards including a wrist rest this did go away a little. This is why Grifiti officially calls this a retro product. Basically what you are getting is an extremely thick pad with a similar design to a standard cloth mouse pad. The bottom of the pads have a similar design to give them good traction on your desk, there is almost an inch of foam, and then a fabric coating on the top. Recently Grafiti introduced another version of their pads with a smoother surface on the top as well. In the second photo below you can see the fabric top next to the new smooth skin surface.

image 3

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The general idea is that the Fat Wrist Pad’s fit your situations so Grifiti actually makes a wide variety of designs. There is the single extra-large pad that is 8 inches deep where the others are 4 inches. This model is only available in the 17 inch version for a standard full sized keyboard. They make widths for TKL and 60% keyboards as well. They also recently introduced a 19 inch model. This is actually what I have been using the most. With the other pads they fit the keyboard perfectly. The problem with that is if you play a lot of games you keep your hand on WASD or QWER when you do that typically your arm comes in at an angle and will hang over the side of the 17 but with the 19 you get a little extra space. All of the Fat models are .75 inches thick and all of the different sizes are available in both the new smooth skin and the standard fabric. In some of the designs you can even get your pick of a few bright colors as well.

After spending time with them both I prefer the smooth skin but it does have a downside. If you get oil on it from your hands it will stand out and look a little crummy. All of the thick “Fat” models, after heavy use, will also start to mushroom out. This means it is absorbing your weight and is just a side effect of this. So if you decide to get a Grifiti Fat Wrist Pad you should look at this as a consumable item, with a lot of use you will need to replace them from time to time.

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The Ergodox pads are a little unique as well. The other designs are all rectangle in shape but the Ergodox pads are a pentagon shape. This fits the shape of the wrist pad less version of the ErgoDox perfectly.

image 14

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Happy hump day everyone! Today I take a quick look at a few thick wrist rests from Grifiti

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