100_1745-lanocsmWe've come to a day and age where having just one hard drive, regardless of its size, just isn't enough. Whether its a media, gaming, or task computer, multiple hard drives have become a necessity. In non-transparent cases, this isn't much of a problem, but for those who are lookng to show-off their rig all those SATA cables can become as unappealing as any other. A reasonable solution is adding UV lights to any case, which can be paired with VIZO's Starlet line, in our case the UV reactant SATA cables.

Product Name: Starlet UV SATA-Cable

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The Starlet UV SATA-Cable is packaged in the age-old plastic that companies love to use, though VIZO has instead punched four holes to hold the sides together instead of crimping the edges all around, the former of which is much easier to open. The contents are very simple: inside you'll find the SATA-cable in the color you've chosen (red, blue, green, or yellow, all UV reactant).

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The cable is made of a braided UV material, making it flexible and easy to handle. The length of the cord is 60cm, which is 23.62in and plenty long enough to make it from the motherboard to hard drive. The connector is 7-pin to 7-pin, and a right-angled 'L', which helps when connecting to hard drives that are installed sideways. The opposite end which connects to the motherboards has a plastic cap that covers the end when its not connected, and is attached to the cable so you don't lose it. Its black, and doesn't really get in the way or is noticable, but if it does need to be removed it can be, though theres no going back once you cut it off. Both ends connect flawlessly and stay connected, but are easy to remove should the need arise. It was simply a matter of plugging in to the motherboard, plugging in to the hard drive, and done.



The entire line of Starlet products look great under a UV light, and the SATA-cable is no exception. If you happen to have any other Starlet products installed, such as the cable binding kit or the PCI/RAM slot shielder, they colors much perfectly under the light, though you may notice a very slight hue difference when the light is off. The cable itself has a high-speed transfer at 3 Gb/s and works without issues.



When it comes to case mods, things can get very expensive very quick. When you add several SATA cords to the already numerous power and peripheral cables, things can get messy as well. UV lights are a cheap addition, and VIZO has done a great job of providing a line of products that look vibrant and perform well at a very reasonalbe price. As mentioned before, when you're dealing with multiple hard drives the transfer cables can be just as cluttersome as any other. The Starlet SATA-cables create flexibility and attractiveness, whether you want to use all the same color or any combination of the four available

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