Inside: The drive bays are tool-less, but you'll need a screwdriver to tighten down the PCI card retainer clip and the cards themselves. Also, you'll need a pliers to pull the blanks out as you need them as they are the attached style blanks that have to be removed. The tool-less optical drive bays have the standard twist clip retainers on the left side, but have springy retainers on the right making it possible to install and remove 5.25” drives without opening up the right side of the case. The front fans are tool-less as well, making it easy to replace them with aftermarket fans, for performance, or different color LED fans, to customize the look of your box.

Case HDD Toolless Retention

Case Side Open

Case CardSlot Retainer

Case Toolless BackSide



All black, inside and out, the Future also has a faux carbon fiber accent along both sides of the front bezel giving it a bit more flash than your typical budget case. The front fan grill has a industrial design, and the power button, reset button, and HDD status light are built into the grill and the whole thing is back-lit by the dual blue LED 120mm fans that come pre-installed. The 5.25” blanks on the front bezel are angled and mesh. The top fan grill is built in and has room for a second 120mm fan if you so choose. There's a grill for the PSU fan, but no dust filter like there is in the front bezel. The front bezel is a bit difficult to get off, as you have to take the left side off to get to the clips that hold it in.

Case Carbon Detail

Case Front Power

Case Front Panel Detail

Case Top Fan Grill

Case Front Open

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