Razer Seiren v3 Mini Photos and Features

For the Seiren v3 Mini, the box was noticeably smaller than with the Seiren v3 Chroma due to the Seiren v3 Mini’s smaller size. It also brought back the bright green trim on the sides that a lot of Razer products have. The box has a picture of the microphone in the center and it matches the color of our sample. They have the Razer triple-headed snake in the top right corner and along the bottom and in the top left corner they highlight some of the key features of the microphone. Then the model name is below the picture in its reflective finish. The back of the box has another picture of the microphone from a different angle, then around it, they touch on some of the key features again. Down at the bottom, there is a badge showing its 1-year warranty and in a very small font, you can also see that they mention that the Seiren v3 Mini is available in three different colors.

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The front of the box opens up and inside you are greeted with a black paper. This opens up and has a welcome message from Razer’s Co-Founder and below that they list out what is inside the box and how to use the microphone. In the past, you would have a few papers with all of this information. You can see their focus on being more sustainable on their packaging here with it all combined. The same can be seen below the paper where the Seiren v3 Mini and its base are wrapped in a foam bag and then they have cardboard keeping everything in its place including the USB cable in its own tray up at the top.

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For accessories, in addition to the microphone and the base the Seiren v3 Mini does come with two things where the Chroma just had the one. You have a USB cable and then a plastic stand that goes between the microphone and the base. The USB cable for our microphone matches the bright white finish. It comes with caps on the ends to keep everything clean and the cable has a Type-A connection on one end and Type-C on the other end. Both ends have the Razer logo molded into them which can help when you are trying to figure out what cord is what behind your PC. The cable is shorter than what the Chroma came with and it is four feet long. It isn’t sleeved like the Chroma as well, it has a rubber finish that has barely visible groves on the outside that run from end to end. The cord also has a silicone cable tie that keeps the cord bundled up here but can be reused to tie up any extra length when you have the microphone at your desk. The small stand is plastic and white to math of course but interestingly it doesn’t have the same threading on both ends, the top is a 5/8 microphone thread but the bottom is smaller. I’m surmised they didn’t match them and give the option to directly mount the Seiren v3 Mini to the base. Doing that would cause clearance issues with the USB cable of course, but could be a nice option for anyone who needs an extremely short setup to sit under a monitor for example.

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You then have the base and the microphone which are almost the same size with the base at just over 3 and a half inches and the microphone at just past 4 inches tall.

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Like with the Seiren v3 Chroma, the Seiren v3 Mini base has a metal insert inside for weight and a plastic cover over the top. This time that plastic is white, but they also match it to the other microphone colors of black and quartz (pink). The bottom of the base however isn’t rubber this time around, for the Seiren v3 Mini they went with foam which is going to be cheaper. That isn’t going to have the same grip or longevity but should still work fine and it does at least some basic isolation. At the top of the base is the threaded end, this has a slight pivot of maybe 10 degrees in any direction.

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The Seiren v3 Mini then shares the same pill-like shape of the Seiren v3 Chroma but it is much smaller and has a shorter pill shape. The top half is perforated metal and the bottom half is plastic with it all finished in the bright white for this sample, but as mentioned before you can also get it in black and quartz aka light pink. The front has the Razer logo and just below that a small status LED. There isn’t a front knob like on the Seiren v3 Chroma. The back of the microphone has all of the certification logos and your serial number printed where you won’t see them, then at the bottom, the USB Type-C connection is on the back facing down, not out like on the Chroma. This is why you can’t mount the Seiren v3 Mini directly to the base, but it does make the wiring clean because it keeps it hidden behind the stand. The perforation goes all the way around the microphone and this is a super cardioid design that directs most of the microphone pickup to the front but does pick up some from the back. Then up on top, the Seiren v3 Mini has the same multi-function top button. The button is capacitive so it works when you just touch it, you don’t have to push it to click. But because the Seiren v3 Mini doesn’t have lighting or a knob on the front this top button does the mute with a single tap like the Chroma but with a double tap it will turn the volume up and a triple tap will turn the volume down. The base of the Seiren v3 Mini does have the 5/8 threaded mount so it will be compatible with microphone arms if you want to go that direction in the future.

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