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The first of the two speakers that Soundcore sent over to check out was their Trance Go speaker which came out late in 2020 and was designed to be more portable than their original Trance speaker and for our situation more usable with it being waterproof as well. The packaging for the Trance Go dives right into this with the speaker on the front looking like it has been dropped right into water and the largest front on the front saying PARTY PROOF. The Soundcore by Anker logo is in the top left corner and the top right does have the Trance Go model name but it's clear they want you to see the 50-watt power and party proof more because those are much larger and in front. Down at the bottom, they have a few icons that represent some of the features like the IPX7 rating, the Soundcore app, 24 hours of battery live, bass boost, and the party cast feature. The back of the box has more color and has a lot of the same icons for the features but has added more along with a picture of people roasting marshmallows by a fire and a picture of the Trance Go.

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Inside the box, you have the documentation up on top as well as the USB charging cable. Then the Trance Go had formed recycled cardboard on the top and bottom to keep it safe and from moving around and it is wrapped in a plastic bag.

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For documentation, you get a quick start guide that Is specific to the Trance Go and then a card that says How Do We Sound which is asking for feedback. Beyond the speaker itself and the documentation, the only other thing you get is the USB charging cable which is a very basic USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable. There isn’t an AC adapter so you will need to provide your own or use a USB port on your PC or in your car. The cord itself is as short as they come at maybe 1.5 to 2 feet long, it isn’t very useful really. Thankfully it is a Type-C connection and most people will already have a charger and charging cable available but I don’t know how the sub-brand of Anker a company that makes amazing charging cables doesn’t give a little more length.

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The Trance go isn’t exactly a small speaker it is 11.2 inches tall and 7 inches wide and 5.6 inches deep at its thickest spot. This doesn’t include the handle that when flipped up does add another inch and a half. But I wasn’t looking for a small speaker this time around. We tried that with some of our previous speakers and ended up going with the largest one. The goal now is to have more power and more bass while still being portable because if they end up not being portable I might as well install speakers around the pool. The Trance Go is 6.5 pounds which is carriable but we will see in the next section how that compares to the Motion Boom Plus. 

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The front of the Trance Go is covered almost entirely by the metal mesh grill. They have the Soundcore logo down at the bottom on the mesh but this side is all business other than that. Behind the grill you can see two speakers, the bottom speaker has the Soundcore logo printed on it. They don’t have driver sizes for the two speakers and frankly, speaker measurements vary a lot depending on where you consider the speaker to start. But I will say that the driver itself not including the foam is around 3 inches which I would call this a 4-inch driver in total. The top tweeter is a little less than an inch and a half from the inner edge of the foam to foam so let's call that a 2-inch driver. The overall shape of the Trance Go has a very unique shape compared to most other Bluetooth speakers and it's only a paint job away from looking like an among us character.

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Up on the top edge, they have a rubber section in the otherwise plastic housing that has all of the controls on it. On the left, you have the power button which also has four small LED indicators that will let you know the battery life left. You can turn the Trance Go on by pressing this button for less than 2 seconds and to turn it off you press and hold it for more than 2 seconds. On the far right, you have a Bluetooth icon that you can press and hold to set up Bluetooth and this will light up blue when trying to set up. You have plus and minus volume buttons and the Soundcore logo in between the volume controls is actually the play pause button. A single press will play or pause, pressing it twice takes you to your next track and three times will take you back to a previous track. The bass button is obvious, this turns the BassUp on or off but pressing and holding it will also switch you between indoor and outdoor modes which is important to know as well. The button that looks like the standard share button is the partymode button, this is how you would set up party mode if you have more Trance Go’s to connect them all together. Then the middle button with a circle with an arrow in it. This button took a while to figure out because it wasn’t mentioned in the instructions at all, this is a source switch button to switch between Bluetooth or the input plug. The top also has the carrying handle which I really like. You carry the Trance Go like it is a purse and the handle has the Soundcore logo stamped into it and is padded on the underside to make it comfortable to hold.

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The back of the Trance Go has a similar shape as the front but this side is all plastic and just imitates the mesh front slightly with a perforated finish on the plastic. The Soundcore logo runs up the middle then near the bottom is a large rubber plug with the Trance Go name on it. This pulls out but you will have to work hard to get it out as it has four different seals around the edge to keep it watertight. This is where you can charge the Trance Go using the Type-C port on the left. The standard USB Type-A connection in the middle is a chart port that you can use to charge other devices while on the go using the Trance Go’s 4900mAh battery as a battery backup. Then on the right, you have a headphone jack for input if Bluetooth isn’t working and you have a male-to-male cable but the Trance Go doesn’t come with the cable so you will need to provide your own. The serial number sticker is on the inside of this enclosed area to keep it safe from water. Just be sure to close this back up when you are done if you plan on using it near water as this is the one area on the Trance Go that isn’t waterproof until closed.

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The bottom of the Trance Go has four rubber feet that are kind of a mound shape where they only touch in the center. Beyond that, the bottom has all of the normal required information and logos. There isn’t a serial number but it does have the model information.

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