Anandtech Gets Sandy: Intel Sandy Bridge Previews

The guys over at Anandtech have released a preview of Intel's next generation of chips, codenamed Sandy Bridge. Performance is about what you'd expect of Intel's refreshes, with some moderate performance boosts. What's more interesting, is their Intel Integrated graphics test. There are some huge improvements in terms of the Graphics chipset, and while just being comparable to AMD/ATI's HD5450 isn't going to have any enthusiasts drooling, it is something to note, as Intel has always been way behind in the graphics market.

Source: Anandtech

Rumor: ATI's 6800 does a little dance, makes a little love, gets on 3dmark

(AMD) ATI's Southern Islands GPUs were slated to release in Q4 of this year, but because of some manufacturing issues, it was rumored they would not be getting a die shrink from the current 40nm process the 5k series was built on. These images, obtained from a Taiwanese forum, might give some details of what's upcoming.
The performance difference over the 5870 seems mild, with an increase in 3dMark still falling a little short of what the 5970 is getting, albeit outperforming every other gpu. There's no gaurantee on whether this is a 6850 or 6870, or even if it's 100% legit, but in a few more weeks, more details should emerge. The Memory Bandwidth is listed at 204.8 GB/s, and for reference, a GTX480 is 177.5.

Although it would be wonderful if something more meaningful than 3dMark was provided, immature drivers might not provide an accurate representation of performance at this point either.


Gigabyte hosts overclocking finals September 25, 2010

Taipei, Taiwan, August 24, 2010 - GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphics cards and computing hardware solutions today proudly announced the 3rd annual GO OC (GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Championship) is soon to get underway. Contestants from over 33 countries have competed in the local and then regional finals which were held in Indonesia, China, Mexico, Spain and USA from June to August. The victors of the regional events will meet on the battlefield in Taipei, Taiwan at the Hua-Shan Creative Park (East 3 Hall) on Saturday, September 25th, 2010.

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Apple's liquid sensors supposedly failing from humidity, water is wet

Earlier this year, Apple was slapped with a class action lawsuit in California over their iPhone's liquid sensors reporting liquid contact when there was none.

Now it appears Asians are beginning to report the issue as well, with customers in Asia insisting their indicators are being tripped just from the humidity in the air.

Who would've suspected that moisture would trip liquid contact indicators? 

Source: South China Morning Post

Rumor: Nvidia's x86 Pipe Dream?

It's long been something of a rumor that Nvidia would be and is developing their own x86 cpu. Rivals Intel and AMD obviously are in both GPU and CPU markets, so why wouldn't Nvidia want a slice of that tasty pie? With markets heading towards CPU+GPU on a single chip, Nvidia would otherwise be left holding an empty bag should that roadmap be obtained by its rivals. Nvidia has long had issues with Intel, regarding licensing, speculation about Larabee, and other general disagreements. With its recent relations problems with Apple as a reuslt of the mobile 8x00 series fiasco, and ATI products being moved into Apple's lineup, it would seem Nvidia has more foes than friends these days.

Charlie Demerjian, a long outspoken critic of Nvidia's practices, claims to have inside sources revealing that Nvidia is planning on achieving its x86 goal with Tegra 5, currently slated for a 2012-13 release. He goes on to report that the cpu will be based off an ARM Eagle core, a setup in similar fasion tried by Transmeta, and explains a whole host of problems Nvidia is possibly facing, ranging from x86 licensing to performance, before ultimately declaring the project just isn't feasible.

Harsh rhetoric or hard reality?

Source: SemiAcc

Tablet Market, just how big are you?

It never fails that after Apple releases a new and "revolutionary" device to the market, everyone else and their mom wants to follow-up and get a piece of that success. With the impending tablet onslaught, one has to wonder exactly how big the market is for tablets. Has everyone who wants one already gotten one? Will a lack of third-party development stifle any competitors from making headway into the market? 

LG's Optimus tablet that is better than the iPad is on its way, HP's WebOS based Tablet is slated (see what I did there?) for Q1 2011, and also there's MSI's Wind tablet, Blackberry's BlackPad, Apple's rumored 7-inch iPad.. I could go on all day with many more tablets -- who's going to come away with pockets bulging full of money, and who's going to come away with a cardboard sign and a plastic cup? Will netbooks be ruled irrelevant?

If the past is any indication (Imac all-in-ones, anyone?) we can expect that devices will be released from a myraid of others, with success measured only by teaspoons.

What're you looking forward to, and why?


GO OC 2010 North America Regional Final Winner Announcement!

City of Industry, Calif., August 17, 2010– GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards is pleased o announce and congratulate the top three winners of the North America Regional Final of the GIGABYTE Open Overclocking Championship (GO OC) 2010; 1st place winner Sno.Icn and second and third place winners Mikeguava and Ross (respectively).

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Opinion: The Decline of Landline America

Thankfully, most of us live in large cities, where fiber-optic or other landline based high-speed internet options are available. Okay, maybe I'm just one of the few that is lucky enough to have that as the scenario. The news reports on future rollouts of wide-scale blazing internet service are disheartening, to say the least, leading me to believe that such landline high-speed rollouts will be no more.

Look no further than Verizon

If you're interested in Verizon's Fios product, and who wouldn't be, because it's freaking awesome, you can probably see the writing that's on the wall.

In late Spring of this year, Verizon announced it was halting the expansion of Fios, and not rolling it out to any new cities, metro areas, or other locations. The reason why is simple dollars and sense. For each new customer hooked up to Fios, the project was estimated to cost as much as $1,350. Perhaps exaggerated, but there is no argument that a fiber rollout is quite costly.

Even more recently, in 14 (mostly midwestern) states, Verizon's land-based network services were sold off to Frontier Communications, which is still in the transitional stage of taking full control of the services. This includes Verizon's DSL, Fiber, Coax, and POTS systems. The reason is most likely a three letter acronym, which always seems to be the case in the tech industry.


With the rollout this fall of Verizon's LTE (4g) network, it is very likely that Verizon envisions offering broadband services in a wireless-only fashion. There is a notion that the 'wireless' term carries a premium price to end users. And with speeds topping out in the 40-50 mbps range, all may not be lost on the broadband speed front, either. However, once their network is saturated with users, and given what will likely be limited range of the rollout, many will miss out on the experience for quite some time.

Verizon's current internet data offering is $60/month for 5gb of data transfer on their 3g network. We can only hope LTE is much more reasonable in terms of cost and data allowance.

The LTE rollout wouldn't be able to match the potential speeds of landline fiber, but with a much lower cost, and the possibility of charging more money, as a business does it make much sense to proceed in any other fashion? Unfortunately for America, that means slower speeds, data caps, areas where service is unobtainable, and likely a higher cost going forward. Surprise, surprise, right?


Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Reeks of Bad-Assery

Bend it, twist it, any way you want it. Microsoft's new Arc Touch Mouse looks to be pretty cool. Initial photos only show it either in its' arc shape, as pictured above, or completely flat. Whether you can contour it to any shape in between is just speculation at this point. Could certainly be a winner in the HTPC marketplace, if nowhere else. If you're pretty fluent in ze German, feel free to hit the source link for details.

Source: WinFuture

Gigabyte introduces new ways to overclock your pc

Today Gigabyte introduced both hotkey OC and Cloud OC. Cloud OC is available for all x58, p55,and H55 motherboards, and Hotkey OC can be used with any motherboard capable of running EasyTune6. GIGABYTE Hotkey OC features real time overclocking via designated keys on a standard keyboard that allow for different overclocking settings to be used during various stages in a benchmark. GIGABYTE Cloud OC enables overclocking or system status monitoring and tweaking in real time from any device with an internet browser and wireless or Bluetooth connectivity.

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First One-Hundred Thousand Units Contain Exclusive Shepard Fairey Poster Featuring The Game’s All-Star Cast of In-Game DJs and Talent


Santa Monica, CA – March 23, 2010 – Beat junkies, music fans and budding turntablists already rocking the wheels of steel with DJ Hero™ – the number one new videogame IP of 2009 – can now invite their friends to spin along with a standalone turntable controller which is available today at retail stores nationwide, Activision Publishing Inc. (Nasdaq: ATVI) announced.  Additionally, the first one-hundred thousand fans to purchase a standalone turntable controller will receive an exclusive Shepard Fairey poster, featuring the artist’s unique renderings of the game’s all-star cast of in-game DJs and talent*.


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Cross Flow System Cooler – Make your computer Deep Breathing

Taipei, Taiwan—2010—EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd., one of the famous and professional cooler and fan manufacturers in Taiwan.

To be the solver to deal with the computer over heat problem, EVERCOOL not only pays attention on computer cooling performance, but keeps adding classic and aesthetic into product design to make the coolers have attractive appearance.

For system cooling, EVERCOOL is going to launch Cross Flow System Cooler with classic look in the end of 2009. It is compatible with 5.25 Driver Bay. Its design is like a turbine to inhale outside air into case, and increases the air convection to effectively cool. In addition, adjustable speed is a convenient design for users; according to needs, they can adjust the wind speed, and the maximum of air flow is 100CFM. Moreover, the easy installation makes users install quickly and easily.

OCZ Technology Launches Vertex Limited Edition Solid State Drive (SSD)

SAN JOSE, CA—February 18, 2010—OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (OTCBB:OCZT), a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and flash-based storage as an alternative to hard disk drives (HDDs), has unveiled the highly anticipated Vertex Limited Edition (LE). Based on a cutting-edge new architecture, OCZ’s Vertex LE is the epitome of innovation for power users seeking to integrate a new class of SSD in their Windows-based systems.  For early adopters, a Vertex LE drive can take a high-end computing experience to the next level.  OCZ will offer Vertex LE through its extensive network of distribution partners over the next few weeks.

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Corsair® Announces Flash Padlock® 2 Secure USB Flash Drive

FREMONT, California, February 18, 2010 — Corsair, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer and flash memory products, today announced the availability of its new Flash Padlock 2 secure USB flash drive. This unique USB flash drive is very cleverly and comprehensively designed to protect your critical business or personal data from unwanted exposure.

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Smallest Liquid Cooled System From CyberPower Gets Super Performance Refresh with Intel Core i7 and Direct X 11 Graphics

BALDWIN PARK, CA (February 16, 2010) - CyberPower Inc., has packed additional power and performance into its compact LAN Mini H2o V2 PC with new updates that feature the latest Intel LGA 1156 Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs with P55 chipset and super-fast and smooth Direct X 11 graphics.

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