Las Vegas, United States-January 7th, 2024-Thermaltake, a trailblazing PC DIY brand renowned for premium hardware solutions, marks its 25th anniversary with the unveiling of a special collection in Hydrangea Blue, one of the standout colors of 2024 as recognized by the global authority on color. Throughout its illustrious 25-year journey, Thermaltake has consistently delivered high-end, multicolored products tailored for gaming, streaming, and video editing. Under the theme of “Keep It Sleek, Keep It Cool,” Thermaltake seamlessly integrates the latest technology with modern fashion trends.

At CES 2024, Thermaltake proudly introduces a comprehensive lineup of Hydrangea Blue products, encompassing chassis, power supplies, fans, AIO liquid coolers, memory modules, gaming chairs, and gaming mouse pads. Hydrangea Blue, inspired by the beauty and tranquility of nature, imparts a refreshing and productive touch to the tech-savvy lifestyle. This fashionable color distinguishes Thermaltake's products and offers users a unique and revitalizing experience.

“Thermaltake has been committed to providing outstanding cooling products and gaming parts & peripherals since its establishment 25 years ago. We believe that our products should excel not only in performance but also in user experience and appearance design. This is our brand philosophy that guides our product development. At CES 2024, we will present our new products that embody this philosophy, especially the Hydrangea Blue-colored collections. We aim to create desktop gear with more aesthetic possibilities." Stated Kenny Lin, the CEO of Thermaltake.

Hydrangea Blue Colored Product Highlights

● PC Case

○ CTE E600 MX Hydrangea Blue Mid Tower Chassis

○ The Tower 300 Hydrangea Blue Micro Chassis

○ Ceres 330 TG ARGB Hydrangea Blue Mid Tower Chassis

● Power Supply Unit

○ ToughPower GF A3 Hydrangea Blue 1050W

● Cooling Products

○ SWAFAN EX12 ARGB Sync PC Cooling Fan Hydrangea Blue TT Premium Edition (3-Fan


○ SWAFAN EX14 ARGB Sync PC Cooling Fan Hydrangea Blue TT Premium Edition (3-Fan


○ TH360 V2 Ultra ARGB Sync All-In-One Liquid Cooler - Hydrangea Blue

● Memory

○ TOUGHRAM XG RGB D5 5600MT/s Hydrangea Blue

● Peripherals

○ ARGENT E700 Real Leather Gaming Chair Hydrangea Blue


○ M700 Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Hydrangea Blue

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