Geometric Future, an innovative PC components and peripherals brand unveils their latest collection, the Model 4 King Arthur. The Model 4 offers users up to 2 installation modes, air cooling and water cooling. It has fine mesh panels and 1mm + 1.2mm durable steel along with an integrated L-shaped top and side panel.

Customizable Installation
The Model 4 King Arthur offers users up to 2 installation options: air cooling or water cooling. Air cooling mode takes advantage of the compact design of the Model 4. The water-cooling mode is enabled by the expandable feature which shifts the L-shaped side panel and top fan bracket up for additional space for top radiator support.

Enhanced Airflow
The Model 4 is designed to go beyond aesthetics. Equipped with front and top mesh panels, combined with a mesh footstand and dust filters, offering users a seamless bottom case with airflow capability. Whether it’s a build for a quiet office PC or an advanced gaming build, the King Arthur is able to support up to 9 x 120mm cooling fans, or 3 x 120mm and 4 x 140mm.

Hardware Compatibility
The Model 4 King Arthur provides users with ample space to ensure ultimate hardware compatibility. It easily fits 405mm x 4 slots GPUs and seamlessly fits motherboards ranging from ITX to E-ATX. Furthermore, the Model 4’s thoughtful design provides ample space to accommodate CPU coolers that rise up to 164mm, radiators ranging between 240mm to 360mm, and power supply installations stretching up to 180mm, all aimed to provide users with optimal system performance.

Rich I/O
The Model 4 King Arthur features rich I/O extension ports guaranteeing users with effortless device connections. Equipped with 2 x USB 3.0 ports as well as a Type-C port.







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Case Type

Mid Tower


Steel, Tempered Glass

Product Dimension

395mm x 215mm x 410mm

Motherboard Compatibility


GPU Clearance


Power Supply Max.

180mm (Vertical Installation)/ 150mm (Horizontal Installation)



Thermal Solution

Top: 120/140mm Fan x 2 ; 240 Radiator

Rear: 120mm Fan x 1 ; 120 Radiator

Bottom: 120mm Fan x 3/ 140mm Fan x 2 ;  360 Radiator

Footstand: 120mm Fan x 3/ 140mm Fan x 2

Drive Bay

Max: 2 x 3.5”/ 4 x 2.5”

I/O Hub

USB 3.0 x 2, HD Audio, Type-C


About Geometric Future
Geometric Future was founded by a group of tech enthusiasts, merging passion and precision – envisioning the nexus of functionality and aesthetics. Inspired by boundless geometric and architectural nuances, striving to craft innovative designs that stand out from the crowd. Geometric Future ardently experiments with unique designs, performance and functionality that are not only captivating but also provides ultimate utility. To learn more about Geometric Future, please visit or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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