Milpitas, CA – October 17, 2023 – Elgato, a brand of CORSAIR (NASDAQ: CRSR), is thrilled to announce the Elgato Prompter, a compact teleprompter that makes pro video production accessible to all. Attached to a camera or webcam, Prompter connects creators to their audience with real, natural eye contact. It’s powered by a computer and can display video scripts or stream chat using Elgato’s free Camera Hub software. Prompter also mirrors any window or app (like a Zoom meeting) with an easy drag and drop. Best of all, unlike other teleprompters, it doesn’t require an extra tablet or smartphone—its 9” screen is already built in. With its unmatched compatibility and Stream Deck support, Elgato’s latest hardware is changing how people communicate online.

For the first time, teleprompting is easy for creators of all kinds, opening the door to better content and stronger communities. With Prompter, Twitch streamers can interact with chat while looking at their camera, making live conversations more engaging. Meanwhile, Prompter helps YouTubers stay on script while recording, which means fewer reshoots and less time editing. Everything’s customizable using Elgato’s Camera Hub software—included free for PC and Mac. Here in the app, creators are free to manage Prompter’s display and personalize text appearance. There’s even a Stream Deck plugin, offering more ways to control Prompter with a key press, a dial turn, or a foot tap.

“We built Prompter to be the true all-in-one solution for content creators” said Jeff Stegner, Product Manager at Elgato. “For years, consumer teleprompters offered only half the equation, requiring an additional smartphone or tablet. Meanwhile, studio devices with a built-in display were too expensive for most creators. Prompter is the best of both worlds.”

Professionals, too, have reason to be excited. Not only is Prompter ideal for virtual presentations, it’s also the perfect icebreaker for video calls. With a drag and drop, users can move their Zoom or Microsoft Teams app onto Prompter’s screen, directly in front of their camera. Now at eye level, Prompter ensures everyone meets face to face with professional eye contact. Likewise, those stuck at work don’t need to miss the big match—they can drag over a browser window and catch every play, without sacrificing monitor space.

Luckily for creators and professionals alike, Prompter likely works with the camera they already use at home or in the office. That’s because it’s compatible with more webcams, cameras, and smartphones than any other teleprompter. (For a list of supported devices and lenses, check out Elgato’s detailed breakdown.) Setup is surprisingly simple, too, thanks to interchangeable backplates and a single-cable USB connection. Of course, Prompter works best when paired with other Elgato products, like the world’s first 4K60 webcam, Facecam Pro.


With today’s news, Elgato fans can officially get their hands on Prompter and try it out themselves.

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