Reolink, a global smart security solution provider, announced today that it joined the trail camera race with the new brand KEEN and its pan-tilt trail camera KEEN Ranger PT. Pre-order for the camera is available now (June 28th) through July 29th, 2022 with a 15%-off discount.

Outdoor enthusiasts may learn more about the specs of the KEEN Ranger PT trail camera or pre-order here now,

Based on its advanced 4G camera technology, Reolink launched the dedicated trail camera brand KEEN and its first game camera KEEN Ranger PT. Compared to traditional trail cameras, the KEEN one can pan and tilt with a 360°view. Users can control the camera to rotate horizontally and vertically via the phone app from afar. With the rotation feature, farmers, campers, hunters, or wildlife organizations can get a full picture of what is happening.

In addition, the KEEN Ranger PT trail camera boasts 4MP super HD image quality to capture every detail vividly day and night. Thanks to its onboard smart detection algorithm, the KEEN trail camera distinguishes activities by humans, vehicles, and animals from other background movements, such as moving tree branches and changing sunlight. Users can customize the camera to record and send notifications only when KEEN Ranger PT detects motion events from people and animals. In this way, users will be notified of important events they truly care.

The KEEN hunting camera greatly blends into the wild with the built-in 940nm infrared LEDs and camouflage appearance, making it less noticeable to humans and less likely to be vandalized. KEEN by Reolink also offers straps and other coming-soon accessories, including a lock box, to prevent the KEEN trail camera from being stolen.

As the pre-order starts now, customers also get a chance to win $1,000 and more by referring KEEN to their family members and friends. Get to know more and refer now to win.

For more information about KEEN and its trail camera KEEN Ranger PT, visit


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About KEEN


KEEN is a cellular trail camera brand made by Reolink. KEEN offers cutting-edge outdoor trail cameras for outdoor enthusiasts. Greatly improve outdoor experience with easy-to-use cellular cameras.

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