Pomona, California - Oct 26th, 2021 - OKAI, a global leader in light electric vehicle manufacturing today announced the availability of the OKAI Beetle EA10A and available in November the OKAI Neon ES20, taking urban mobility to new heights in personal comfort and transportation. The stylish OKAI Beetle EA10, features an ergonomic design with advanced technology (3-drive modes, 3-way unlock system) to enhance comfort and control on any commute. The OKAI Neon ES20 enables riders to express themselves according to their mood with a completely customizable lighting system.

“Today’s announcement represents an OKAI milestone, enhancing our world-class manufacturing by bringing to market two uniquely comfortable and charismatic scooter designs that will appeal to riders demanding more from their last mile journey,” said Jiangtao Lu, the Founder of OKAI.

OKAI Beetle EA10: Stylishly Comfortable Mobility

Providing a smooth, comfortable ride with classically tailored good looks, the OKAI Beetle EA10 features a soft, wide cushioned seat that conforms to the shape of your body. We have also added shock absorbers, and 10” tubeless pneumatic tires to further improve the scooter driving experience.


The OKAI EA10 features a powerful 350W electric engine with Eco, Standard and Sport riding modes offering intelligent energy control. Riders who demand more mileage can also take advantage of a unique swappable battery system. Install the OKAI Smart App for additional security features, self-diagnostics and vehicle unlocking - unless you prefer to unlock using a traditional NFC enabled key.


        Stylish and chic design, available in 3 colors; pink, black and white

        Wide cushioned seat, shock absorbers, and 10” tubeless pneumatic tires

        560W peak power with and 16mph (25 km/h) top speed

        10.4Ah smart battery (swappable)

        3-way unlocking (NFC, App and Key)

        OKAI Smart App control available on iOS and Android

        LED display with visual notifications

        3 Ride Modes (Eco, Standard and Sport), plus Cruise Control

        Bright LED headlights and rear tail-light


Learn more about the OKAI Beetle EA10:



OKAI Neon ES20: Customizable, Portable and Street Smart

Combining best-in-class motoring power with a completely customizable lighting system, the OKAI Neon ES20 has street attitude. Neon light bars installed on both stem and undercarriage mean you can select from a wide spectrum of colors to create a signature lighting design in moments. The OKAI Smart App allows riders to customize their vehicle on-the-fly, while also enjoying standard features such as locking, battery health, and more.


The OKAI Neon ES20 backs itself in terms of speed and safety, featuring a powerful peak 500W engine that can take 20% hill inclines in its stride. While both front Electronic Braking System (EBS) and rear disc braking systems provide a responsive and safe drive, an 8.5” air filled front tire combined with a puncture-proof 8.5” tubeless rear tire is paired with an advanced rear hidden suspension system ensure you stay smooth on the road.


        Dual customizable wide-spectrum Neon lights (stem and undercarriage)

        500W peak power with 16N.m or torque and 16mph (25 km/h) top speed

        9.8Ah smart battery with up to 40km/25mi range

        EBS and rear-disc braking with shock absorption suspension

        LED display with customizable display faces

        OKAI Smart App control for iOS and Android

        16kg/35lbs weight with one-click fold and carry portability

        Bright LED headlights and rear brake tail light


Learn more about the OKAI Neon ES20:


About OKAI


Founded in 2006, OKAI is a globally recognized brand, with offices in USA, Germany, and China. With over 15 years of OEM experience in manufacturing for the world’s top brands, OKAI is on a mission to change urban mobility as we know it. Empowering people everywhere to navigate cities, campuses, and communities in fun, safe and smart ways, OKAI addresses the ‘first and last mile’ problem, manufacturing and retailing world class light electric vehicles that redefine mobility.

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