Taipei, Taiwan—2010—EVERCOOL Thermal Corp., Ltd., one of the famous and professional cooler and fan manufacturers in Taiwan. EVERCOOL has devoted to computer cooling products for more than 17 years. In recent years, besides keeping pushing its own brand “EVERCOOL”, EVERCOOL also emphasizes the improvement for fan technique. Currently, EVERCOOL launches new fan bearing technique- TSL ?Thin, Silent and Long-life?. Its features are high-reliability, low cost and silent, especially the great cooling performance on slim DC fan. Slim DC fan is a new trend on the market. TSL means that the fan bearing uses only one ball; therefore, it’s very suitable for use on slim DC fans. The examples of slim DC fan applications are like mini projector, NAS storage, mobile device, blue-ray recorder and so on. The reliability of dual ball bearing is high, but it cannot be used on 10mm fan. In addition, dual ball may cause the coaxial problem. Compare with dual ball bearing, the coaxial problem isn’t happened on TSL due to it uses only one ball. Therefore, it can reduce the attrition of inner ball and extend fan’s life. From MTBF test, even though the cost of TSL is lower than dual ball bearing, the reliability of TSL is higher than dual ball bearing, and fan life is for 60,000HR, which is longer than dual ball bearing as well. The difference between TSL and “one ball one sleeve” is that TSL has no sleeve that not only lowers the cost, but also avoids the ball bearing polluted by oil leakage.  Moreover, the friction coefficient of TSL is small so that it can increase stability and solve the intermittent noise problem from “one ball one sleeve” and reduce the noise. Another advantage is that the dust-proof cover of TSL is close. Therefore, to compare to dual ball or “one ball one sleeve”, it can prevent dust and protect the fan in the bad or high temperature environment. TSL is absolutely another good choice for fan bearing, because of its high reliability, long-life and the great compatibility.

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