Razer announced this past week at CeBIT that they are planning on bringing out an entry level gaming mouse. Tailored to the needs of gamers that require speed and precision, the Razer Salmosa is the perfect introductory mouse for gamers that require a light and agile mouse. The Razer Salmosa is also one of the lightest mice of its class currently available on the market. Equipped with the Razer 3G Infrared Sensor, the Razer Salmosa is the definition of speed and value for gamers that are just beginning their search for a gaming-grade mouse.




“The Razer Salmosa sets a precedent as being the lightest mouse in its class; it is perfect for gamers that require pure speed and agility. Our goal was to create an affordable, introductory gaming-grade mouse. With the Razer Salmosa, we have created a mouse that is ideal for gamers who have yet to experience the difference a gaming-grade mouse from Razer can offer to their game,” said Robert “Razerguy” Krakoff, president of Razer.
The Salmosa is set to be released worldwide in the third quarter of 2008. MSRP will be $39.99 making it a great value considering the 1800dpi Razer Precision™ 3G infrared sensor. The seven foot non-tangle cord wont be much help if the Zero-acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet help the mouse slide off of your desk Here are a few pictures top viewrzr_salmosa_05.pngrzr_salmosa_03.png I hope I'm able to get my hands(hand) on one of these once they are released. They have the potential to be a good mouse for the jobless gamers out there. You can find out more about the mouse at http://www.speedofthelight.com

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