AVADirect is proud to bring our customers one of many Enterprise Level Solutions offered on our website. This behemoth beauty is manufactured by Supermicro, has a 4U form-factor, and can fit up to 36 3.5" hard disks within the chassis; supporting SATA or SAS.

The Supermicro X8DTU-F motherboard, that resides inside, is based off of the Intel 5520 series chipset, supporting all of the 1366 socket processors we have learned to love for their energy conserving, blazing fast processing performance that has been proven worthy throughout the IT industry. Our customers will have the luxury of choosing between either a 3Ware or LSI RAID controller (two will be required, 16-24 ports per card) to handle the RAID or storage connectivity required to house up to 16 or 36 storage devices, depending on your needs. A maximum amount of 196GB of RAM is supported, with the correct operating system, to make the configuration ideal as a render-crazy server or massive storage solution. It would even be possible to combine a high-end graphics card for rendering work. Although, we offer many other options on our website, but if you require graphics processing with 24 hard disks, then this configuration is a great machine to consider. The server includes all of the features previously supported by Intel 5200 boards and will be updated with the latest enterprise-level components as they are released.

To configure the Supermicro 36x SAS/SATA Series 4U Rack Storage Server click here

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