LanOC V19 is this weekend *traffic issues be sure to read inside*

08 Sep 2016 02:08 - 08 Sep 2016 02:12 #38177 by garfi3ld
Hey everyone, I wanted to say hi and let everyone know that I’m looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend. We always send out an email a few days before the event to remind everyone about downloading updates for all of your games, scanning your PC for viruses, and making sure you have everything you need when you pack for the event and I will get to all of that. But I also wanted to make sure everyone is aware of a road closing that will most likely effect everyone coming to the LAN to make sure you plan around it. The short version is that 127, the road that most people turn on from Rt 30 from the north and the road everyone comes in on from the south is closed right at the intersection of fox road (the road the LAN is on). I’ve put together two maps to help with everything.

The map of the city shows the area of the road that is closed and the routes you will need to take when coming into town. The green line isn’t labeled but is a shorter route if you are trying to get from the event to downtown/hotels.

The second map shows two options when coming in from the south. You can just skip 127 and take 118 all the way into town or you can take 127 up and then cut over to 118 on any of the cross roads with Cooper Rd being the last possible crossover point. It’s important to know that you CANT get into town from 127. They closed it today and the city has been announcing that they will be pulling people over who try to cut through the hospital.

That said, with it being lan time please don’t forget to bring all of your normal hardware. The biggest three things that we always see multiple people forgetting. Mouse Pads, Network cable, and power strip. So remember to bring a mouse pad, the white tables don’t work well without one and make sure you pack a 25 foot long network cable. Lots of people also forget to bring a power strip as well, so take note! Beyond that please make sure you update all of your games before you leave, we do our best to provide a good internet connection but there is a limited amount of bandwidth per person. League players should also keep in mind that tomorrow there will be a new league patch as well. Then as always make sure you scan your PC for viruses, you don’t want to bring anything nasty and infect us all.

If you have time, be sure to jump on our website ( and the facebook event page ( and check out the LONG list of sponsors supporting the event and take a few minutes to thank them directly on social media. The messages don’t take much time but let them know that you guys actually care about their support. You can also see the event schedule up on the website to plan for your weekend. Last but not least make sure to bring a few bucks if you are needing any hardware and maybe bring unused hardware with you for our for sale table. Each event is a good way to swap hardware and build and upgrade your current and future PCs.

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